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Personal Blog – My Weight Loss Journey… And Still Going

I told myself I would write this personal blog one day but kept putting it off. I can honestly say this blog was inspired by Miss Jia aka “Deactivated Fat Girl” and the fact that 30 for 30: Broke is airing tonight at 8pm on ESPN and it was taped over a year ago when I was 50 pounds heavier (eeeekkkkk).

First let me say it was so hard finding pics of me when I was heavier. The only reason why I kept the one above because it’s Russell Simmons arm around me and I wanted to keep that picture to remind me of meeting the icon Russell and the long conversation we had regarding business. But that is another subject. Maybe I’ll write a book or something.. lol 

Getting back to the heavier pictures. I would hide from the camera, never take full body pics, and if some one did catch me slipping I would untag the unflattering picture on Facebook or simply delete it. My mind was funny that way.. I would delete delete delete and it would erase from my mind.  I always told myself I was not photogenic, but now looking back I was overweight and I hated it. Looking back on pictures I started gaining weight in college. I went up to the  size 18 and still thought  I carried my weight well..LOL Anyway though…. it wasn’t until an old friend of mine came to visit me in Miami and he simply said “what happened”.  This is a friend I have known for over 15 years. He loved me unconditionally through thick and thin (pun intended). Those two words hurt me coming from him but I never let him know. I had been called fat before but it was from no one I gave a damn about.  I just played it off and said to him “whatever you will love me no matter what” He simply said of course I would and we continued to enjoy our weekend together.

He left a few days later and I took my ass to the gym. That was the hardest workout ever in life. His two words “what happened” kept ringing in my ear. Six months later of working out in the gym which consisted of cardio and weight training I had only lost inches but no pounds. I went from a 36 waist to a 32 (barely) but no pounds were lost. I was so frustrated that I got on google to see if it was a medical reason. I read about thyroid problems and decided to make a doctors appointment. I researched “miami weight lost clinics” and a few came up. I decided to go to one with real doctors. I had been to those clinics that gave you a B12 shot and some pills. I didn’t want to do that again. I would lose 20 pounds then gain 40 back messing with those diets. It was a bit pricey but I went to a doctor than took my blood and tested it to see if I had anything hindering me from losing weight. Everything came back normal. He took this test measuring my resting metabolism rate and it stated that doing nothing my body burns 1700 calories. She explained to me that a pound is 3500 calories and if I was consuming more calories than I was burning then I would continue to gain. Finally the doctor asked me “what are you eating?” I couldn’t even begin to tell her. I thought that if you exercised you could eat anything. Big lie…

The doctor sat me down and explained to me how to eat then put me on a strict 1200 calorie diet. She asked me if I had an Iphone and told me about an Iphone app called LoseIt. I started tracking everything I ate and learned about portions. 

The great thing about social networking is that you find like-minded individuals. I had friends that encouraged me to work out and compete with them on the Nike Running App and the Nike Fuel Band App. It started getting fun. Some of my favorite Health apps:

I also had a few people that talked shit… those you delete delete delete and keep it moving!

To date I have lost 50 pounds which took me a YEAR. Some people lose faster than others but one thing I learned is to never compare your journey to the next one. What works for you might not work for them and vice versa.

A few things I did through my ongoing journey was cut out red meat and pork. I read that red meat stays in your system for a month. I wanted everything out. I also cut out chicken for a few months but I added chicken back to my diet. I have fallen off the wagon numerous times but I jump right back in. It is a struggle for me. I was the type that cooked like Big Momma on Soul Food. I love food.. I still indulge every now because I’m human and that sugar be calling me like pookie but I get back on track as soon as possible…lol

As far as working out: I love to switch it up. I have done kettlebell classes, boxing, salsa, bootcamp, zumba, brazilian butt lift, bicycling and walking. I am not particularly fond of working out but I have put it in my daily routine. I once read after 30 days something becomes a routine. I believe this is true…I always work out and feel guilty when I skip a few days.

I still have a long way to go. I currently wear a size 29 jean (10) – Medium Top. My goal is to lose 20 more pounds. I will get there soon.. I know it.

I hope by writing this blog will give me the extra push I need to reach my goal and hopefully will encourage others..

Much Love,


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