Redman Explains Why He and Method Man Won’t Be in “How High 2”

Back in June, MTV teamed up with Universal for a made-for-TV sequel to the 2001 stoner comedy, “How High,” which starred Method Man and Redman. 

Months later, Lil Yachty announced he’d been cast for the lead role of the long-awaited film. A few days after that, DC Young Fly was named his co-star, with Lil Baby, Alyssa Goss, DeRay Davis and more to make appearances. 

Despite the star-studded cast list, fans couldn’t help but notice the two main characters were missing: Method & Red. 

The omission of the OG characters caused a bit of controversy, as fans immediately petitioned for the rappers’ return. But, as it turns out, according to Redman, the two were asked to be in the film  but refused after being cut out of the initial deal.

“My thing is when you have a brand, like Red and Math, that kind of helped built and created this entity of ‘How High’ and shooting a movie on marijuana and being in college – those were all of our ideas. And when the deal came about, we wasn’t involved in it,” Red said, in an interview with Gras Routes Podcast. 

To make matters worse, as he continued, he revealed that the two were in talks with Universal to create their own sequel to the 2001 film before it went with MTV, DC, and Yachty. 

“What happened is that a branch that’s under Universal decided [they were] gonna shoot this movie,” he continued, after shouting out the new stars. “And they did not need permission from us because we didn’t own the rights to How High.” 

“As far as me and Meth know, we were waiting on a new script to read for ‘How High 2’. Out of the blue, we get calls from everywhere, like, Yo, Lil Yachty is starring in the movie,’ or ‘MTV picked up How High 2.’ And I’m like, ‘Wait a minute. We got writers that’s writing the movie. We got people up at Universal that’s giving us the green light. What’s going on?”

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