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Respect My Hustle!

I know I talk a big game, but I also stay true to my game. I do not deny anything I have done or have been a part of to get what I get. I have stripped, I have walked the streets of LA, and I have been involved with an escort service. I do not regret anything I have done because in the end I have what I have always wanted and I am happy with that. Does not matter how I got it, the end of the story is… I GOT IT!

When I go to the strip clubs with these ballers, I encourage them to spend on them girls because they could be stripping to pay bills, take care of a child, or to just get extra money for whatever. I don’t knock hookers, I have a lot of hooker friends. At least they getting paid to fuck unlike a lot of dumb ass chicks who fucking and don’t get a car note paid or nothing.

All I’m saying is, RESPECT MY HUSTLE.. Come find me at the TOP!

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