Showing Affection Your Baller Needs Love Too….

When it comes to showing your affection towards your significant other, there are so many ways you can do it. On the physical end of it, most guys that I know are very big fans of having their heads scratched or having your fingers run through their hair. I have found that generally makes them a big pile of mush after about fifteen minutes of gentleness. Backrubs are definitely a good deal to guys, especially after they have put in a very trying day either in class or at work. Rubbing a guy’s chest is also nice for them after they have worked out fairly hard that night and are pretty sore just about everywhere.

More on the romantic end of it, simply leaving a guy a little note on his desk makes a world of difference to him, just to let him know that you are thinking about him and that you miss him. Also, a flower or a little gift given to him once in a while is always appreciated. It really is quite satisfying to see the look on his face when you give him something he has been dieing to have for quite some time. Making him dinner, and more specifically finding out some of the dishes that he really likes, is always something that will score you points with him. Guys like nothing better than to be babied by the girl they love and taking the time out to make dinner will surely make them feel special. One thing to not do is to overwhelm a guy with all of your needs and wants so that he does not even want to listen to you talk. You have to be willing to give a guy as much as he gives you. Even though what you give him may not be as materially valuable as what he may have given you, it is not the monetary value that counts; it is the thought behind it that does. Really getting to know him is a big deal because I know that I want a guy to know enough about me that he can really hone in on what I like and how I feel. I want to know enough about the guy that I am dating that I can make him feel very loved and appreciated.

Along with knowing what they want, let them reciprocate. Let them open doors for you or carry things for you. I have definitely found that real men sometimes tend to be a little bothered if you walk ahead of them, open doors for them, or do anything that is not “womanly.” They like to please you and find it gratifying to see that you are really happy with them.

These are only a few things to go by. Listening to him is one of the greatest ways to find out the most about him and to be able to do the most for him. The best thing that you can do is to try and spend time with the person you love if you truly want it to work.

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