So I Slept With Your Associate…. AND?

So you talking to a few ballers and you think you have your shit under control until one of them loud mouth mother suckas get to talking to his “baller friends” about how good your shit is and they compare notes and start singing R.Kelly and Usher “Same GIrl.” They try to play you and catch you up and you feel bad because they try to make you feel trashy for talking to more than one baller. Well let them mother fuckers KNOW! GROUPIES/Hard working Women/Females period talk too and we are friends with one another as well and don’t get us to comparing notes. I can almost assure you if you ask your friend about a baller, either she knows somebody who messes/messed with him or they know somebody who knows somebody who messes/messed with them. Its a small fucking world and these players need to get over their fucking selves.

They are groupies to groupies. They all like the same types of girls and feel some type of way when they run into chics who mess/messed with other players they know. We can’t help that your ass got traded to 5 different 53 man rosters. How the hell are we supposed to know this shit upon meeting you? We don’t ask you when we meet you, “WHO ARE YOU COOL WITH?” We don’t know you went to grade school together. How do I know that you went to the same college together or you played on the same all-star team, or you trained together, or you have the same agent. Let’s be real, yall take that shit too personal.

So the best thing is to be honest when asked a question like do you mess with anybody else in the league other than me. Simply respond, I’ve talked to a few here and there, Nothing serious, liked someone but realized he wasn’t ready for me and was capable of hurting me badly. (That’s a bried non detail history) If he come at you sideways like calling you out for talking to a teammate or whatever. Let him know that it aint nothing serious with his teammate and you don’t have a ring on your finger and didn’t know. Tell him you don’t sit on the internet on his teams roster looking for everyone you could possibly know. You must punk their asses and let them know that it is possible for you to REALLY NOT KNOW that they are all cool. Tell him if he has a problem with you getting to know other people, put a stop to it and Claim your prize, otherwise, SHUT THE FUCK UP!

You have to talk to a man like they talk to us sometimes. When we find out they talked to a friend of ours they try to play it off like “It wasn’t serious, I was just passing time with her, I didn’t know yall were friends, but don’t let that ruin what could be wiht me and you” You tell them fuckers the same shit.

So ladies, do you! Don’t feel ashamed for talking to 1 or 2 ballers and find out they know each other. You can’t help that you are attracted to their type, just as they are attracted to your type. Let them know what’s up and if they don’t like it and they aint man enough to accept that then FUCK THEM!

That’s all for now,

~Sandra 🙂

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