So you caught him Cheating!

I posted a blog on my site BDK regarding a friend that had caught her boyfriend cheating although I was able to give her an answer, It made me realise what are peoples views on cheating, have you been a victim, a cheater what are your views on the situation is once a cheat always a cheat? I dont know BabyDolls you tell me?

Below is an extract from my post

I was asked a question the other day from a friend I rate fairly close. She had told me her boyfriend had been cheating on her and she was obviously distraught. I felt for her, as per usual it was another case of beautiful girl, dumb guy but then she asked me what would you do with a cheat? I was kinda taken aback, I thought I’d only have to comfort her and not answer any questions, but when I thought about it, it got me thinking, what the hell do you do when you catch your man cheating ???? I have dealt with bad break-ups, guys acting shading and the usual BS some guys bring but I have never dealt with a cheat. So I told her like it is.

I know your hurting, I know you cant stop thinking about it at this moment, but what you need to do, is go home put on your favourite song drink a glass of wine or champagne, take a bath relax, read, watch tv, dance in your bed room in your underwear lol. Do whatever you need to do to know that your a Queen and he was a tramp. I told her Be Glad !

Don’t be mad just be glad you no-longer have to deal with him, be glad it wasn’t even longer down the line, be glad that as a result of his actions you have almost been released, your free of him. You now have the oppourtunity to find what you truly deserve because he obviously was not the one and your king is still out there! Don’t be sad just continue and guess what things will be OK x

I posted this because I hope this not only helped my friend but I hope this post also helped anyone else that might be going through what she was going through. If you ever have a problem share it and ill see if I can help. You know where I am

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