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Are Breaks In Relationships Necessary?

All relationships have their ups and downs. Often times when couples are going through hard times, breaks are taken. The question for many is “What is a break?” A break is when a couple gives each other space to get their thoughts together on their relationship. Rather than actually breaking …

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Are You Really Happy Or Just Faking It?

I want to ask you something, on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the highest score, how well would you rate the current level of satisfaction you feel with your life? I know it seems like a weird question, but it shouldn’t be. Have you ever even thought about …

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“I Was His Peace, He Was My Headache”

“I was your lover and your secretary, working every day of the week. Was at the job when no one else was there, helping you get on your feet”. Y’all forgot the lyrics to “Not Gon Cry” and the storyline of the movie, “Waiting To Exhale”? Didn’t Auntie Mary’s song …

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