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Take a leap & splash into FALL FASHION!!!!!!

I’m not sure if I speak for myself on this, but I’m anxiously awaiting the fall season. Summer has been good to me. I’ve tanned, showed some skin, & did just about all the major cookouts known to man. However, I’m ready to retire the shorts, the tankies, sandals & everything else related to summer.

I’ve always loved dressing for the fall. I’d rather be cold than hot. The colors associated with the fall draw me in like a magnet. From the sweaters, the denim, the BOOTS, man, I could go on. But, I digress. I’m very preppy when it comes to my style of dress. So more than likely, you can catch me in an array of blazers in various colors, with a mean loafer or boot to compliment. Not to mention, ladies, to make your ‘fit complete, your hand bag must be official!

J. Crew Velvet École jacket ($168)

Vercace ($1,065.00)

Manolo Blahnik ($1,325)

Gucci ($395)

Now ladies, keep in mind, these are just a few items that caught my eye. Everyone’s style is different. But always remember whatever you decide, make it your own personal masterpiece. If any of you come across some stunning fall items, please do not hesistate to share.

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