I know I’ve been gone for a while, but i was a little sick

Anyhow back with this 5 part story. I know i’m jumping around a little bit in my life but i had to come back with a banger for you. So at this point in my life I’m working for an urban ad agency (you know one of those companies that gives you those Burger King Commercials with the King all Iced out and trynna rap yeah i did those)…Anyhow so we
had sponsored several events during superbowl weekend for variousparties and what not. I had been to Tampa a lot and it wasn’t like a Miami or Vegas but you could always find fun in Tampa.

So here we are that thurs before the Superbowl. I’m staying downtown at the Marriott and apparently about 1/2 the NFL is to so after i get set up in my room, the room phone rings. This was odd because anyone that would want to talk to me has my cell number. But I answer thinking it might be the front desk but it’s a girls voice asking for Reggie Gordon (not my real name but well read on). So i say yes it’sme (cause it realy was Reggie Gordon is my real name). The young lady on the phone says “You are my favorite NFL player, I’ve been a fansince you went to Florida State. your body is so sexy to me that i often think about you while i’m fucking my boyfriend and i’m glad I found you”. I’m shocked cause first she’s got the wrong person see the Reggie she wants really does play for the Giants, he and I are actually cool and we laugh about having the same exact name the only difference is our middle names. So i stop her there and tell her that she’s got the wrong guy I’m not him. To that she answers, “Bullshit I know my mans voice when I hear it” and “Dont worry I’ll make you glad i called” After busting out laughing on the phone I hang up and go hop in the shower to get ready to head out. While in the shower I got a knock on the door. I’m thinking it’s the room service I ordered but to my surprise it’s one of the sexiest girls i’ve ever seen in my life. Shes standing at my door in the sexiest black dress and heels. Shes standing a good 5’9 she was built like Keri Hilson with about a 34 C
chest. Now I have a problem cause I answered the door in my towel not expecting what was on the other side of my door. So lets just say she could tell i was impressed. As I’m standing there she asks for Reggie, I say yeah thats me. To her shock she says “No you can’t be him your not Reggie” at that moment I recognize the voice from the phone earlier. I tell her “Beauitful I told you on the phone that I’m not who you are looking for” She looks completely shocked and embarassed. At that exact moment the room service i ordered arrives. So I ask “Stephanie” to step in the room and she agreed.

Once inside I explain her apparent mix up and she manages a laugh though she was still visably embarassed. While she’s sitting there I duck off to the bathroom to throw something on (I was in a towel) so we talk a little. She asks the basics what I do for a living stuff like that.

Steph was actually a good conversation she was 26 went to Florida State and was the Dir. Of Human Resources at a local bank in Tampa. So by this time I’m about to leave for an early dinner then off to this event for a liquor I’m working with. Steph apologizes for about the 19th time. She is just so fine that I invite her to join me and a few friends which see agreed to.

So here we are at a fancy steakhouse with the owners of this liquor, a couple of athletes, me, and this so sexy chick that I met accidentally. From there we go to Club Crave.

Now what’s funny to me is that here is Steph going on for the ride with a guy she met at a hotel. So thru the night we are dancing and drinking and talking and flirting. Now in tampa bar closes at 2 am (yeah wack I know). So now the driver is taking us back to the marriott (remember we left from there and she rode with me). We spend a couple of moments in the lobby quick talking. I invite her up but she declines.

Now after being in my room for about 20 mins comfy in my bed there was a knock at my door. I get up to open it and it was steph. Only this time she’s wearing a hoodie with the same heels as earlier. So when I open the door she doesn’t say a thing and just walks right in. As I turn around I notice she’s sitting on the bed legs crossed. When she says the sexiest thing to me. “I came here to give this to Reggie” then she stands up and unzips the hoodie to show me the sexiest body I have seen to this day “So Mr.Godon what are you waiting for??” Now I’m never one to turn down a good workout in bed but I have to ask her didn’t she want the other Reggie to which she replies “Yes and I still do but I guess fate just brought me to you”. That was all I needed to hear.

Steph and I proceed to fuck, and yes it was fucking not making love nothing romantic, straight fucking for about 5 hours straight. I swear I don’t normally eat girls I just met but I spent about an hour working my mouth all over her clit. After her 4th orgasm she then threw me on the bed and started to ride me in a way no woman had.
She then stopped and started giving me head. Now I’ve never ever cum from head until this day. She was absolutley the best.

She had to be the greatest sex I’ve ever had…by the time I got up she was gone. No number no nothingn now normally I wouldn’t care but this woman here did somethings to me, however to my surprise I got a text around 3pm telling me to be at my hotel room from Steph. Apparently sometime in the night she put her number in my phone.

So once fri rolled around…….

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