Tear Em to Shreds!

Ladies, ladies, ladies, if you’re anything like me, you have a denim closet meant to put even the major fashionistas to shame. Some you might wear more than others, however, what do you do when the threads to start to loosen, and the edges start getting frayed? Do you throw them away? Chances are, a few of you might have, because I’m famous for doing that.

I have the answer to all your problems. The weather is finally breaking, and lord knows its hotter than an african jungle out, depending on your demographics, but I’m here to let you know. Keep those old threads. The ripped look is back & more sexier than ever. Do whatever fits your style & personality. For those women, who have yet to figure their style, get creative with it. Your body is the canvas, the jeans, they’re just a piece of what is to become the final masterpiece.

Be comfortable in the skin you’re in. Shred those badboys, don’t be afraid to show a little cheek action! Now, ladies, please be tasteful with it. You not only represent yourself, but you represent all the women here on BALLER ALERT! And we are a different type of woman; classy & sexy!

Be safe ladies, & happy shredding!

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