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Posted Mar 7th 2008 4:11PM by Alexis Stodghill
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By Alexis Stodghill, BlackVoices.com

Ballers. Players. You see them on television and on the blogs living a life filled with fun and luxury — partying every night, throwing money in the air and drinking bottles of champagne that cost hundreds of dollars. Women go crazy for their favorite black celebrities, and follow them in droves seeking a connection. Baller Alert™ is a site and a service that can actually make that happen.

Baller Alert™ is here to help any and all connect with the black celebrity party scene via a text messaging service. Sign up, and get text messages with the locations of the parties with the biggest ballers in your city at that moment — a golden ticket to the celebrity circle. It is no secret that many search out ballers hoping to exchange sex for currency, fame or otherwise, and that many of these people are women. In making this process easier, does Baller Alert™ perhaps promote the intense materialism of our culture, and the resulting objectification of women?

It is a cute site, and a great idea. The creators of Baller Alert™, the companies Lyon Entertainment and Teccworks (whose managers choose to remain anonymous at this time), have their side of the story to tell. Here are their words.

What in your mind is a “baller” specifically? Can a baller be male or female? Can you name the current hottest ballers out there (Floyd Mayweather pictured here with some hefty stacks)?

A baller is not just a person that is on the field or court. A baller is a blend of many attributes. It can be a male or female that is confident and has some swagger and style with them mentally and physically. Although there are millions of men and women who hold these characteristics we focus on the ones that are in the limelight.

The hottest ballers out there now are Jay-Z, Sean “Diddy” Combs, Carmelo Anthony, Dwayne Wade, Beyonce, Lebron James, Chris Lighty, Steve Stoute, Don Coleman, Bob Johnson, Funk Flex, Tyra Banks, Raven-Symone and Swizz Beats. These people have one thing in common. They are BALLIN!!!! Whether it’s in music, on the court or behind the scenes. They are getting PAID.

I like your post about the “certified male groupie.” Talk more about the perception that all groupies are female, and any differences between male and female fans.

The perception is that women are the only groupies but men are just as bad. While male groupies may not want to have sex with the ballers (then again it is 2008) they crave to be acknowledged by them. The men camp out just like the women do waiting for a glimpse or a pound from their favorite baller. The difference is that a female wants to be with the player for his benefits as far as the attention and the money goes but the male wants to be his boy so he can blend in and get the “leftovers” of the baller.

On your site, you give advice about how to “snag a baller.” How did you collect this advice?

It came from me seeing these girls in the club looking, walking and smelling like a hot mess! Then some of them had the nerve to be upset when they didn’t meet a baller before night’s end. I don’t know how in the world they expected to meet anybody (especially a baller) by looking the way they did. This advice can be applied to everyday life though. It doesn’t matter if you don’t fit the model type that a baller usually has on his/her arm. If you follow those tips I’m sure you will snag something.

How successful has Baller Alert™ been so far in connecting the average person to superstar party people?

Actually a poster did email me to thank me for the heads up of an alert she received that Mayweather was in Visions in Atlanta. When she got there she and her friends received free bottles of champagne and “got rained on with money.” They had never experienced anything like that. They were able to pay their cell phone bills from just going to a party. It’s not everyday that someone meets Mayweather and he hands them an $800 bottle of champagne.

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