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The CODE of the BITCH!!

Sometimes a Bitch develops in a woman who is running scared that she’s not enough-not good enough, not strong enough, not powerful enough, not woman enough.
A first class Bitch develops in a woman who’s forced to live under tight conditions with limited space and limited resources and limited finances, with little or no support from her man who has experience his own set of unresolved issues.

The Bitch is the result of a well-cultivated negative environment. The Bitch is a survivalist. She will take you down before she’s taken out, because it’s all about the survival of herself, in some cases her children and of course her man at whatever cost. Problem is she needs to watch out, for the Bitch in her will take her out, too, while she’s in the process of doing her thing!

1. Part-time Bitch
There are part-time Bitches who emerge occasionally when the need arises. They appear to be normal kind of woman much of the time, and may even show genuine kindness. Their sword is not active full time. But if you catch them on the wrong day, you will get sliced and diced at the drop of a dime. And when they’re done, it’s business as usual.

2. Full-time Bitch
Some women are full-time Bitches-evil all the time, even when they’re calmly smiling right at you. The wheels of deception are constantly turning toward evil doings. She stirs her pot with her sly words, her poisonous thoughts, and the proverbial “evil eye” which is in full effect. She steadily releases venom into the atmosphere, leaving a stench that infects passersby, for her mission in life is to destroy the very core and essence of life. Beware if you are her chosen victim, for when she strikes, your only way out is to strengthen yourself by raising your vibratory level.

3. The SWEET Bitch
Please, let us not forget the sweet Bitch who manipulates you through apparent kindness. She’s the one who will hug and embrace you, appear to be supportive of you, and utter gentle tones toward you as she moves with an easy glide. After being with her you’ll probably feel ecstatic about an exchange, a project, or a promise. And then about a day later, a month or year later, you’ll realize that you’ve been had. The something was stolen that once had, and you have suddenly and drastically been made aware that the Bitch took your mind, your confidence, your money, your time, your gift, or your secret with a smile and left you bloody and wounded.

A bitch feeds off a consistent diet of greed, lust, fear, anguish, selfishness, control, envy, bitterness, confusion, and deception .

Queen Afua Sacred woman A Guide to healing the feminine body, mind, and spirit

A good friend is hard to find! But I still love my girls I just watch what i say and do when im around my girls!!!!!!

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