This weekend, I had a friend leave New York. Damn it, she left America!

She is moving to Dubai. Mind you, this girl is not rich. She has been a legal secretary at a small firm for 15 years. She rents an apartment in Brooklyn, drives a modest car and got bills like everybody else. But she wanted a life where she could stop working and settle down with someone who got some money. Real money, where her entire lifestyle would change.

She doesn’t know a soul in Dubai. She bought a little cash with her that she’d been saving and since almost everybody speaks English there, she plans to get a little jobby-job at the hotel or something. A friend of a friend of a co-worker is giving her a place to stay until she gets on her feet (those feet would be a baller..LOL). This “friend” also is gonna hook her up on some blind dates when she gets there. That’s the culture out there in the East, people helping people get money, get love.

She was just so frustrated with the dating scene in NYC. Anybody whose dated in NYC over 30 knows what I mean. It can be downright tiresome meeting random people, if you even get that lucky. She felt alone, tired and was very unhappy to spend 3 hours getting ready for a party to find out that there are 40 women to 5 men. Then she’d have to take her tired ass back home and promise herself to do it better next time. She met some ballers, but they had other women, were cheap, and just wanted to play. This chick is ready for the ring and the keys.

Before you go thinking that she’s crazy, she is a very beautiful 30 something black woman. I have a feeling she will be okay. She already has someone looking out for her. She is giving herself 6 months to meet that special man. And you know, I really think she can do it. There are no bums in Dubai and the men outnumber the women. I’ll miss her. But I wonder if anyone else would be willing to move to another country to find a better lifestyle? Well, there is actually! This other chick moved to India. For that story and others check out Dating’s Hard! So, I’m Moving To India on my blog.

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