The fabulous life of K. Wilson part 10 – Secrets (Completed!)

Kay pulled outside Troy’s apartment block and paused for a little while before going inside to pick him up; it was a lovely Sunday in Chicago that day. The sun was shining, the birds were singing and Kay’s mood was equally bright. Her hesitation was due to her feeling of dread as to what her son would think of Jack. It was scary introducing a new love to one’s children at the best of times, but in this case, it was Kay’s very first time of doing so. Troy had never been acquainted with any of her many conquests over the years; this was out of her spirit of protecting her image in front of her son. Jack was different in this respect however; the way he treated Kay made her think of him as being a part of her future. It seemed that they were both the kind of emotional stability that the other was looking for.

She walked into Troy’s apartment happily and greeted him with her usual exuberance; five minutes later he was all ready to go, so they set off to their favourite brunch spot as usual. Kay waited until they came to a stop at a red light before brining up the topic.

“Troy, I know I didn’t warn you before, but I’ve invited Jack to join us at Ruby’s today….” she said with a tentative lilt.

“Who, the Jack?” asked Troy

“Yes baby, the Jack,”

“Mama, you’ve never introduced me to any of your men. What’s going on, are y’all getting married already or something? Cos that is pretty fast of you ask me….”

“No baby, don’t jump the gun. We are still just dating….”

“Well I guess he must be special. It’s just kinda weird cos you’ve never introduced me to anyone like this before.”

“That’s because none of them have been quite like Jack. I took your advice and fyi, he’s been treating me like a queen. I guess I also want you to meet him because you gave me the encouragement to take him seriously in the first place. I think I need you to approve of him Troy,”

“No sweat ma, I’m sure he is a wonderful guy…in fact I’m looking forward to it.” Troy concluded.

Kay leaned over to kiss her son on his cheek that sported three-day old face fuzz.

“Thank you son; you’ll love him, I just know it….”


Jack noticed that Troy had a very firm handshake. The sizing up had started moments earlier when Kay had introduced boyfriend to son.
Troy in turn noted that Jack had an air of prestige about him, but without the annoying sense of self-importance that he had come to expect in men of his calibre. Jack was dressed appropriately for a casual Sunday first meeting with his girlfriend’s son in a lime green Lacoste polo shirt and pale sand slacks. The look was finished off with a plain pair of tan loafers; his outfit was simple yet age appropriate, the only extravagant touch being the Franck Muller Conquistador Tourbillion watch adorning his left wrist. He’d bought it as a gift to himself for saving JMC’s skin by pulling them away from certain bankruptcy; well, for the mean time anyway.

“Pleased to meet you Troy,” Jack said warmly. “I hear from your mother that you’re quite a fine young man.”

“I’ve heard great things about you too….” Troy replied. “Thanks for taking her off my hands man, my mama was begging to cram my style a little. People were beginning to think that I was walking around town with a cougar or something.” He added cheekily.

“I’ll give you cougar!” Kay admonished playfully. “Now come on inside; you boys have done the meet and greet thing already and I am starved.”

They followed in her wake as she almost ran inside chasing the smell of freshly made cornbread to their table. Jack impressed Troy by beating him to seat his mother down; he nodded his head slightly in approval and Kay caught her son’s expression and smiled. They then ordered some food and a celebratory bottle of Chablis before the conversation spiked again.

“So sweetie what do you think of my man?” Kay asked Troy as she squeezed Jack’s hand.

Troy laughed out loud at his mother’s candour.

“Mama aren’t you supposed to wait until we’re alone to ask that? I mean if I hated his guts, I couldn’t really say it in front of him could I? You’re lucky that I like him ma,” Troy said and then addressed Jack. “I hereby give you my stamp of approval Mr Benjamin-Ames. You’re official now….”

“Why thank you sir!” Jack replied. “Now I can sleep easy at night!”

Both men burst into raucous laughter at that point; Kay couldn’t help but to laugh along with them. Troy and Jack had the same sense of humor and it was clear that they would get on like a house on fire. Her heart was light and happy; she couldn’t have asked for a better result.


“So what did you really think of Troy?” Kay asked. She looked up at the silhouette of Jack’s face in the dark as they lay in his bed naked apart from the luxurious sheets.

“He’s a good kid…I hope my boys are something like him when they get to his age. He’s driven, focused and wants to make you proud of him. It’s good Kay and you did a good job with him….”

“Oh please; I wasn’t really there for him growing up. I only concentrated on my career; I was really an absent mom for the most part.” she replied wistfully.

“But you’ve had a good influence on him don’t you think? I mean living away from him is better than him seeing you being terrorised by your ex in the same home….”

“Now that could have never happened; Frank is just a shit talker, he’s not a hitter. He don’t have it in him…in fact he doesn’t have much in him really. God knows what I saw in that man in the first place….”

“I don’t know what’s worse Kay, having basically no choice in who your spouse is, or choosing one yourself and they turn out to be a loser. Seems like we both had a raw deal in those terms….” Jack said trailing off.

“Yeah I guess; when we had Troy, I mean when I held him in my arms for the first time, I was still in love with Frank. I loved him with all my heart…I never imagined that just three years later, I would hate the ground he walked on. Have you ever been betrayed by the one you love Jack? Hurt so deeply that you felt like killing yourself? Honestly, if I didn’t have a son to think about back then, I might have….”

Kay blinked and tears ran down her face; she’d never really spoken to anyone about what Frank did to her all those years ago and the pain of his betrayal stung like a freshly cut wound.

“I couldn’t believe it; when I wanted to move back into my own place, a place that took us a long time to find together, he’d already moved another chick in. I’d just finished nursing my mama before her death, so you can imagine how hard it hit me. My own kid was even calling the new chick “mama”, I could have bust Frank’s teeth for that; but I threw myself into my job instead. It paid off and it was the only way I could get thru it. I just didn’t think about it or talk about it with anyone.”

“Kay, you know what somebody told me a long time ago? The things that don’t kill you only make you stronger and by God, you are a strong woman. That’s what made me wanna come back to you after that first night; you don’t act needy for the sake of it and then bite me on the ass once my guard is down…it’s okay to cry, but his loss is ultimately my gain.”

She nodded her head; he was right and she wasn’t about to spend another day crying over Frank. Kay wondered a little about Jack’s own experiences with his ex-wife and thought a little about how to broach the subject before she spoke.

“And what about you Jack? How did your marriage fall apart…her name is Almira right? She looked nice enough from her photo…but the bad ones always do I guess….”

Jack sighed deeply and shut his eyes tight. He’d hadn’t been as lucky as Kay and couldn’t block out the memories so well; Almira had put him through more turmoil than he could ever have imagined possible. She was a real piece of work.

“Living with her was very, very difficult. I can’t go into the details of the situation, but I was married to her when I was fifteen and she was twenty. It kinda meant that she could live in the States as my wife and also go to college here. Having a 15 year old husband also meant total freedom and autonomy for Almira; her father had spoiled her and given her what she wanted; I was only a naïve boy so I didn’t realise that most of her demands were not normal at all. She really steam-rolled me that’s for sure,”

“But Jack, you don’t seem the type of man that can be as you put it “steam-rolled” just like that; I feel like there’s something else there. Something that you might be afraid to tell me?”

“It’s just hard for me Kay; you’re gonna have to give me some time…she…she was abusive to me from the start. But I never said anything to my parents cos I felt like a real chump.”

“Jack I hope you don’t mean physically abusive….” Kay said tentatively. His silence confirmed her horror. “Oh my gosh…honey I’m so sorry. I can’t believe that you went through that. But how did you manage to produce five children?” she asked in disbelief.

“That’s another thing about her; she knows exactly how her pussy works and uses it to her advantage. Almira is bipolar – I know this even though she hasn’t been diagnosed. It’s the only thing that can explain her craziness. She literally walked all over me Kay and I let her. While she was supposed to be studying in college, she was busy fucking around…I was often left to take care of the kids….”

“That’s terrible Jack; and I had you down as one of those men that always had chicks eating out of your hand….”

“Well I wasn’t back then, but I am these days or you wouldn’t be in my bed would you?” Jack said with a smirk. Kay replied his comment with a playful slap on his arm.

“I wouldn’t push my luck if I were you; I could be out of your bed in three seconds if you’re not careful!” Kay said with a mock stern face.

“Come on baby, you and I both know that you’re not going anywhere; come here,” he replied and pulled her face to his gently for a kiss. They continued for a while, but Kay broke away before going any further.

“This isn’t going to be easy to hide Jack; sooner or later, people in the industry are gonna twig on to the fact that we’re together. We’ve gotta be really careful not to show our affection in public; I’m scared that the way that I feel about you is gonna just spill out without me realising it. I’ve never let myself go like this before….”

“Don’t give it anymore thought than it deserves Kay; you’ll be fine. It’s not like we work in the same office or anything…it’s not a problem. But one thing that we do need to agree on is never to poach each other’s clients; that could cause a strain on our relationship don’t ya think?”

“Of course you’re right; I would never do that to you now though. I would never wanna do anything to jeopardize your position in any way…its cool.”

“Good. Now that we’ve got all that stuff out of the way…where were we? Oh yeah, I remember, I was just about to….”

Jack slid down to her breasts and licked them in a way that made her toes curl; Kay breathed deeply and let the pleasurable feelings take over her body, he was becoming quite adept at turning her on and she didn’t even miss the feeling of being dominant when they were together. It was all becoming too much and it wasn’t too long before she needed him inside her; Jack fingered her pussy a little to feel how wet she’d become, he then sent a shiver down her spine by licking her juice off his fingers like honey.

“Fuck me Jack,” she pleaded. “I can’t take it anymore…I need your dick inside me baby.”

He flipped her over on to her knees and pushed her head down on to the bed before sliding in from the back doggy-style. Kay gripped the sheets as he began to pound her ass rapidly and hit her g-spot with every stroke; her moans steadily got louder as her orgasm approached. Jack waited until he could feel her pussy climax before thrusting even harder; she had his dick in a vice-like grip that threatened to make him come much sooner than he would like to. In the end, her screams of desire made him lose control; the warmth of his hot semen on her ass felt so good that she couldn’t help but to rub it into her skin like lotion. Jack smiled and shook his head; her freakiness amazed him at times, it was another thing to add to the list of the reasons she turned him on.

“You’re a freak you know that?” he remarked.

“But you like it don’t you baby?” she replied.

“Yeah…I do like it….” he said and surprised her by diving down between her legs to continue her pleasure. The only thing to do was to just lay back and enjoy it.


Jack had been planning it in his mind for weeks; Kay’s birthday was coming up and he wanted to do something nice for her. He had a surprise weekend in Paris in mind and would need Melanie’s help to arrange the flights and a car to pick Kay up from her office etc. She would also know Kay’s dress size and other personal details, as he intended buy her a brand new suitcase full of clothes to wear on the trip. He’d seen a beautiful platinum bracelet that he wanted to present to her as gift, but the jeweler had asked if it should be engraved, but Jack realised that didn’t know her initials.

Kay was having a business lunch with four members of the K-Maxx design team when he called; her employees looked at each other quizzically when she excused herself from the table. Their boss usually never let anything get in the way of work.

“Jack…what’s up sweetie? I’m in the middle of a meeting….” she said brightly.

“Oh really? Did you leave them to talk because of me?” Jack asked.

“Yeah….” she replied blushing.

“What can I say? I’m flattered and thank you. Anyway, this is just gonna be quick. What’s your full name?”

“Why do you wanna know that?”

“Well I was just wondering…so rather than just wonder, I figured I’d just ask you. What’s Kay short for…Kathryn…Kelly…?”

“Oh God…trust me, you’ll never be able to guess…do I really have to tell you?”

“Of course you have to tell me. Your name can’t be that bad….”

“Oh yes it can!”

“Okay try me.”

Kay sighed and wondered if she could hang up the phone to avoid answering, but knowing Jack, he would just bring it up later.

“Alright, alright…I’ll tell you. My full name is Klymaxx Aurora Wilson. There, I said it. Now you can laugh….”

Kay grimaced at Jack’s ribald laughter on the other end of the line; she hadn’t been that embarrassed for years.

“I’m sorry baby, but I just had to laugh. So your parents actually named you “Climax” as in an orgasm? You poor child….”

“Well its actually spelled K-L-Y-M-A-X-X. They told me that by birth was the best thing that happened to them so that’s why they named me that. You better not tell anyone though, because only a few people on earth know my real name….” warned Kay.

“Don’t worry baby, your secret is safe with me…I’ll only tease you about it when we’re alone but thanks for satisfying my curiosity.”

“Okay sweetie, I gotta go….”

Kay ended the call abruptly and turned to go back to the table; her heart sank as she realised what she had just done. She could only pray that Jack didn’t care for dominatrixes and wouldn’t find her website. She’d been meaning to shut it down for good for a while, but just couldn’t bring herself to do it. Jack knowing her real name was a good enough catalyst; if given a choice between him and Mistress Klymaxx, Kay knew which one had to go.


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