Someone sent me a blind item yesterday through baller mail that was on Miss Jia’s blog and most of you girls guessed who it was off the top. In case you missed the blind item:

This relationship goes back to late 2001. He was a junior football player in college in _____. It did not begin as a sexual relationship, > we actually started as very good friends. He always told me about
> his girlfriends, and would often seek relationship advice. Advice
> came in the form of IM/email and telephone conversations to sending
> money to pay for his dates (i.e. flowers, dinner, hotel rooms,
> etc). In addition I would send him money because, according to him,
> his parents didn’t support him financially, or emotionally as I
> later found out in our relationship. Things didn’t become serious or
> sexual until February 2002. He called 3 days after Valentine’s Day
> to tell me his girlfriend broke up with him. He was devastated and
> heartbroken, and requested I meet him at our mutual location in
> ____________ since it was an equal travel distance for both of us.
> We met in ___________ and things were normal as usual; we hung out,
> grabbed drinks, and talked about his ex-girflriend situation. When I
> got back to my hotel room, we just chilled, drank, and talked about
> his ex-girlfriend some more. This time, it was different. He asked
> me to give him a massage, I didn’t ask to do it, and was actually a
> little uncomfortable that he asked because I made it a point to not
> make him feel uncomfortable by being around me. I was and have
> always been a private person, even though we weren’t together like
> that at the time. I knew he was a football player, and being
> platonic friends with a gay man at that time, hell, even now, can
> ruin careers for whatever reason. I didn’t want people to make any
> assumptions of him based on his friendship with me. Up until this
> point, we were NOT lovers. However, this night, a massage, led to
> him taking his shirt off (not at my request), then to more intimate
> affection. It was this night that we first became sexually involved.
> It was very sexual, not just oral. The next day, I woke up on one
> bed and he on the other. I pretended to not know what happened, and
> he replied “you know what happened” as if it wasn’t a big deal. I
> was his first male experience, and that’s where our sexual
> relationship started.
> Even after this encounter, our relationship was never strictly
> sexual. We had a quintessential relationship. He told me he loved
> me (something HE started), and we spoke and saw each other
> regularly. We both recognized that our relationship could not be
> known b/c of the obvious stigma, and he was in college, a young
> black male, etc. I am an openly gay man, and never denied my
> sexuality around him, in public or private. By nature I am a private
> and nurturing person, and my concern was protecting him. He often
> vented his frustrations about the situation, but more than anything,
> he felt it wasn’t anybody’s business who he was with.
> During our relationship, he had no ambition of becoming a
> professional athlete because he didn’t think he was good enough.
> Like most college students, he was also constantly broke. Only
> unlike most college students, his parents rarely sent him anything.
> I sent him money ALL the time. I sent him money more than anyone,
> accumulating thousands of dollars over a 2-year period. It wasn’t
> until he was named fullback of the year that his status as a
> potential NFL candidate was elevated. He obtained an agent, and
> began attending combines. After confirming that a multi-million
> dollar deal was in the works, he pretty much told me we would have
> to distance ourselves from each other, but that he would take care
> of me as an appreciation for all I had done for him, financially and
> emotionally. It hurt, naturally, but I understood. Even after
> knowing about his deal, I still sent him money. I sent him $600 a
> week before he signed his first contract. Shortly thereafter, our
> communication all but ceased.
> I would still send him occasional text/emails or call, with no
> reply. If he didn’t want me to contact him, he would have changed
> his number, but he never did. On or around Thanksgiving 2005, I sent
> him a text wishing him Happy Thanksgiving, and he replied. After 1
> 1/2 years, he replied with a half-ass response, basically saying
> thank you for everything you have done and God will bless you. Was
> he trying to tell me he no longer wanted me, or my lifestyle?
> Whatever it was, it pissed me off and in 2006 when I decided to move
> from NC to NJ, I used all of the frustration I had to contact him
> one last time. Knowing I basically took care of this man during his
> college career, and now he is making millions of dollars every year,
> and can only thank me with a text saying God Bless you as if he
> doesn’t know me? No thanks, I text him that we needed to talk and he
> replied it would have to wait until the season was over.
> After the season was over, I told him that I needed help moving and
> he traveled to NC to give me money. It was at this time that we
> began to reconnect emotionally and sexually. He would visit me in NJ
> and on one particular visit in 2006, he told me, in a Newark, NJ
> hotel, that he wanted a relationship with me, a monogamous
> relationship. At this time he did not have a girlfriend, and
> promised he was not seeing anyone else. No matter what he said, I
> always had my suspicions he was seeing women while in a relationship
> with me. Still, like any significant other of a professional
> athlete, I was invited to his games, he would send me money to rent
> cars and drive to his games, reserve a hotel room, and leave tickets
> for me at will-call. I’ve been to his home before. Our privacy was
> more important to me, not him. When we argued, which was alot, it
> was always about his frustrations about my choice to not be
> affectionate or, pretty much myself, around him in public. I always
> explained to him the consequences, no matter how ignorant it was for
> anyone to judge his ability as an athlete based on his sexual
> preference for women or men, or both.
> We had a relationship that worked for us, then everything changed in
> the mid to late 2000s. It was at this time, that he started acting weird. Our
> conversations just didn’t seem the same, and he was trying to
> distance himself again. Please keep in mind, we had a relationship,
> everything I knew about him, I knew from him. However, this time was
> different. One day he called to tell me he had really big news and
> said it would be worth my while. His exact words. I didn’t like the
> sound of it, and just felt like something wasn’t right. Trusting him
> as the man I loved, I allowed him to send me money to travel down to
> see him. He wanted to meet at his house, but I didn’t feel right, so
> I demanded we meet in a public place. I pulled up, saw him at a
> table and sat down. He literally looked at me, got up, without
> saying a word, and a man in a suit sat down and slid an envelope to
> me. In a nutshell, this bastard set me up! The man that sat down was
> his lawyer. He basically told me that I should take what’s in the
> envelope and not contact him again. The best part is that this wanna-
> be lawyer said they were keeping the “NFL police” at bay from me.
> What the hell? NFL police? At bay? From me? I was fuming. After all
> I had done for this man, all of the years we spent together,
> emothionally AND sexually, and he is going to try and get rid of me
> as if I am some secret he needs to brush under the rug, some fling
> he had, someone worth only a dollar value to him? I did not make a
> scene, though in hindsight I should have. I never opened the
> envelope, which I am sure enclosed a check for an undisclosed
> amount. I never looked at it. Never wanted to. I walked out and saw
> my former lover get out of his white mercedes benz, shook as hell.
> He knew I didn’t take the money and he just kept saying, what
> happened, what happened. Sad man. I didn’t say a word, I just
> looked at him, the look that says “How dare you? You WILL hear from
> me again. Just not now.”
> It wasn’t until I got back home, got my thoughts together and tried
> to figure out why he would be so cruel to me and publicly degrade
> me. Oh, the beauty of the internet. Jackass. He just signed a deal
> with the Atlanta Falcons, totaling over $20 million dollars. That is
> why he tried to write me off. Because of money. I was beyond hurt
> and angry. If it was ever about money with me, I would have made
> that clear, or at least try to contact him again to settle a
> monetary deal to shut me up. But how can it be about money when I
> took care of and loved this man. I am the reason he even had the
> confidence to believe he could be a professional athlete. He dare
> not deny it. No one believed in him, that’s what he told me. Those
> were the type of conversations we had. And our relationship came
> down to a check?
> Shortly after this incident I became very stressed and hospitalized
> for 2 weeks for high blood pressure and heart failure at 33. I still
> to this day know all that came along because of what he put me
> through and how he completly disrepected our bond. Laying in that
> hospital bed made me see things about him I never thought could be.
> How could someone I loved, and loved me, so much lie to me and set
> me up? Then I knew the old wise tale was true, money is truly the
> root to all evil!
> The reason I have decided to come out with this story is because I
> have given him more than enough time to right this wrong. To not
> treat me like a skeleton in his closet, but to speak to me, man to
> man about the situation, and why he turned our relationship into a
> would-be scandal. I am the one who told him my being his lover could
> ruin his career, and I kept our relationship between us because he
> was right, it wasn’t anyone’s business. He is the one doing this to
> his life, not me. He is the one living the extravagent life in
> Atlanta, posing in magazines as one of the most eligible bachelors,
> dating countless women, who can confirm as I know, he has hate
> issues with women. I’m sure any woman he has been with up until this
> point has only been with him for his money, but he doesn’t care
> because it looks “normal.” He promised he would take care of me, but
> only when he was a low-profile athlete. The minute he turned high-
> profile, he let the wrong people get in his ear, people whom he pay
> to protect his image, yet they made the mistake of ruining him by
> trying to hush me with money.
> To this day, I have no idea what was in that envelope, but there is
> no amount of money that will heal a scorned heart. And now he needs
> to man up, if he can even call himself that, and stop living a lie.
> I know I was his first male sexual experience, and I believe I am
> the only man he has been with, but he is a known liar, so I can’t
> say I fully believe that myself. The fact remains that we did have a
> sexual relationship. I’m not here to call him, gay, straight, or bi.
> He’s grown and can defend himself, or hire a lawyer to do it for
> him. I don’t have the money or the luxury to do so. I’m here to
> confirm that no one is above being responsible for their actions. No
> amount of money, or publicist, can clean your image up enough so
> that the person you truly are will never see the light of day. My
> story is no secret. For every story written like mine, there are
> thousands unwritten that would read the same, only those took the
> envelope and walked away to let these men continue to live lies. I’m
> not going to be that person anymore. I have a life I need to live
> also, and the only way to bring closure to this situation is to get
> it off my chest. As I stated, I gave him over 2 years to right this
> wrong. He left me no choice, I have to do it my way.

The person writing this could very well be a chic. Scorn bitches do shit like this. I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt but nothing surprises me anymore.

Well Jia revealed the person on her blog with proof of tickets and hotel receipts that helps the story above.

Her updated blog:

So, quite a few of you guessed that it was Ovie from THIS post from yesterday. I didn’t do a great job at hiding the clues, did I? Nonetheless, the person who sent the email (as I’m sure most of you read) was involved with Ovie for several years and although he has several pieces of proof, I only requested that he send a couple and you guys can decide from there.

Aside from the pictures that the anonymous writer sent showing Ovie getting comfy in a hotel (and showing off his bod), he also sent in a receipt for a rental car, with Ovie’s name on it that also shows the last four of the credit card number. Additionally, there is a hotel receipt in the writer’s name that was also paid for by Ovie (check the last four of the CC) during his time in Baltimore with the Ravens (see it all after the break).

After posting the BI yesterday, I received a TON of emails and DMs (on Twitter) asking me if it was indeed Ovie and if so, they had a story to tell too. Apparently, the person who wrote this letter is not the only guy that Ovie possibly sexed up while they provided him with money. Wow.

A lot of you questioned why I agreed to post this and “blast” a guy living his life on the DL. Simple. I could’ve been that woman…your friend could’ve been that gay man. It could’ve been anybody. When I first read this guy’s letter, I felt his emotion and although I would’ve been like MANY of you and at LEAST looked inside the envelope, I will say that you can’t really judge how a person handles their emotions when they’ve been hurt. Now, I’m not saying that it’s okay for people to just kill folks all nilly willy but when you’re mad, you’re mad. Please believe that hell hath no fury like a woman a gay man scorned.

While I don’t have an issue with a person being gay, I DO take issue with folks not being honest about it. Sure, society has this stigma on homosexuality. But if you’re afraid of what others may think if they were to find out, it’s best for you to invest in some gay porn and keep your dick in your pants until you’re ready to be real with yourself. When you’re rocking that “solo love,” you’re the only one emotionally invested. When you involve other people with the intent to deceive, you’re allowing someone else’s emotions to become invested under false pretense. And eventually, somebody’s going to get hurt. And no matter what, the sh*t never ends well.

To the person who sent the letter in to me, I thank you for sharing your story! Let this be a lesson to us all…what’s done in the dark eventually comes to light. And when that light comes on, you better not have your dick in a spot you don’t want anyone to know about because you could damn sure become a blog entry on MissJia.com.

Well damn…

If this was a chic..he sure as hell knows who did it.

What do you think ladies?

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