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The Game done changed

Let me tell yall how the game done changed…..I may be alittle bit older than some of you on here but you would never be able to tell by looking at me. I read and look at what these yound ladies refer to as baller nowadays and I chuckle. Yes there are these men that have all this nice stuff and appear to have things together…but I am a realist and I am grown so i know what a payment on a Range is and I can guessimate the cost of a diamond necklace with 15 carats of diamonds in it, I know how much the bottles cost in the club and I look at a lot of these guys and i like WTF are you stupid???? You don’t know anything better to do with your money?!?!?!?!? I remember when i first started on the scene ballers where in VW Jettas, Jeep Cherokees and shit. Ballers where so free with the money and the shopping trips back in the day… Balers back in the day would be quick to go on trips. Chivalry wasn’t dead 100% Nowadays these dudes get money and show off more for other men than for women and damn sure they don’t share the wealth like they used to. Well some do but the pain you have to go through you may as well make your own!Sad thing is so many of the ballers of the days past are in jail or dead. Nowadays girls are chasing these athletes and artists etc. and getting nothing out of the deal and giving up a whole lot. They have the game all backwards have these men feeling like as a woman you owe them something because they have money. You young girls wise up….chase these ballers at your own risk there is always a price to pay for dealing with these ballers. Have your own self in order. You don’t need a baller to make you fabulous!!!

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