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THE GREAT GROUPIE DEBATE: ‘HEAD’…to give or not to give? That is the question…

I love this pic…jacked it from Blogxilla…

This is a question that has raged on since the dawn of time ladies…should you or should you not give your baller head? Do you keep him waiting a few months before you do it or only on those rare occasions that he’s been a really good boy?

I for one know that it used to be a big taboo subject within the black community, good girls just didn’t go down back then apparently and only hoes did it.
Back in my high school daze, there was one chick who went on a date with a boy (they went to the movies) and she (stupidly) gave him a blob job while they were inside the movie theatre…oh and guess how we found out? The boy (they were both about 13 at the time) told errbody in school. Form then on, this poor child was labelled a hoe…so I learned from back then that you have to be careful who you give it to, cos that mf may just blab to his boys…

Moving on from that, the subject of sex was never mentioned in my home while growing up, so it wasn’t until then that I realised that giving head was a taboo subject! Luckily I wasn’t really interested in boys at the age of 13! lol!

At some point in the 1990s’ (so I’m told) black men discovered that white women (I’m not labelling all of y’all tho) didn’t have a problem with going downtown and they were also good at it too! So where did that leave the black woman?

I know what happened, for fear of losing their men a lot of black women started to go down…and then it beacame almost a norm for the groupies to get on a tour bus and get to sucking as soon as the hottest
r n’b or hip hop star of the moment dropped his draws.

They will still try and tell you in church that it’s wrong, but we know that there are still some members of the congregation that like to polish the pastor’s love pole…y’all ladies know the ones! lol!

Some women even use it as a power move, look at Karrine ‘superhead’ Steffans, she made a career out of giving head (albeit, with an overrated technique) and also good head has been known to turn the most omnipotent men into a big pile of mush. It all depends on how much work you are willing to put into your head game my chicas. If you do decide to give your baller’s neither regions some tounge lovin, at least use it to your advantage (you might even get yourself the latest LV bag! – BUT DON’T QUOTE ME ON THAT! LOL!)
The only exception to the above paragraph being if you actually fall in love with him.. in which case, I suggest you hold back on head for as long as you can until he at least loves you in return; cos in your love induced haze, you may just make the mistake of giving him too much of it and we ladies of the world know that if you give a man too much of a good thing, it won’t be special anymore. He might just start to take advantage of you…or worse, he might start looking for a new chick! Trust me ladies, in these days of a male deficit, you don’t want that!

Tips for the fellatially-challenged if you decide to embark on a trip downtown:

1. Make sure he is clean first, better if he is circumcised cos you won’t have any build-up of smelly dirt under the fore-skin (yes there is a build-up under there! Eww!)

2. If you’re gonna do it, don’t be half-hearted. Men can tell if you’re not really into their d***, so please put some enthusiasm in there.

3. A little dirty talk is nice and if he is well-endowed, you can boost his ego a little at this point:

examples of this being:

(with eyes wide) ‘oh __________! (insert baller name here) I didn’t know you were such a big boy underneath all that!’

or a la Paris Hilton; ‘You’re gonna choke me with it!’

or even flithier ‘damn n***a, your d*** tastes so good…do you want me to spit on it?’


4. Stroke it with one hand while touching his b***s in the other, he will love you for it…

5. Watch some pornstars to see how they do it, you can learn a lot more there than just reading this blog.

6. Finally, try and look at him (sexily) sometimes while you are down there, men love visual effects and you can also tell by his facial expressions and moans if he likes what you’re doing!

I hope that those tips helped someone out there..there is much more that I could add, but then I’d be giving away my secrets! I personally, would only consider doing this with someone I love dearly, but that’s just me! To everyone else, I suggest you ‘do you’…I’m really not here to judge anyone at all!

So let the debate rage on, to give head or not to give head, that is the question?

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