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THE OTHER SON: Part 12….In the end – Alternate ending

*This series was written by LadyBass of balleralert.com and told to me in parts…it was so good that I asked her if I could share it with you guys! Read and enjoy!*

3:45 Pm

Katrina checked her watched again. It was 3:45 and Joe was 45 minutes late.

‘I guess I’ll just leave him a message and go home.’ She dialed Joe’s number and waited for him to answer but it went straight to voice mail. She left him a message.
A minute later her phone beeped. She checked it and saw that Damien had sent her a text message. It said for her to meet him a Joe’s house. She thought that was strange but maybe it was the reason why Joe was not here. She hoped that Damien didn’t do something stupid. Katrina went to the parking lot to pick up her car.

About 40 minutes later Katrina pulled up in front of Joe’s house. She knew the house well because it was a few months ago she was raped in that house in the bathroom. She was hesitant about knocking on the door but the text Damien sent her told her to come in. When she knocked on the door nobody answered. She tried the door knocked and discovered that the door as open. She called out to Damien but she got no answer. She cautiously entered the house. It was dimly light suggesting that somebody had been here. She walked on and then entered the living room. It was much brighter in there and she took a quick look around. Everything was just the way she remembered it except for something sticking out in the corner of the bookcase. She went over to it. It was a thin black strap. She pulled it to find that it was attached to a small camera. She took the camera and opened it. The battery was still half way full. She pressed play on the camera to see Joe and another man that looked exactly like him. She looked at the video and listened to it’s content. To her horror she saw the real Joe collapsing and his twin dragging him out of the room. She realized that the man she was talking to on the phone this morning was not Joe but the man who raped her. She closed the camera and back up only to be stopped by something. She turned around and looked down on the floor. There was Damien lying unconscious.

“Well I see you let yourself in.” Jack said from the living room entrance.

“What have you done? Who are you?” she cried out as she knelt to Damien.

“HMMHMMM well I guess the cat is out of the bag now. My name is Jack and I am Joe’s twin brother. You have no idea how long I have been waiting for this moment.”

“What did you do to him?”

“Oh who your fuck buddy? I just gave him some drugs to make sure he does interrupt us this afternoon. He can be such a party poop. Every time I have tried to get close to you. He would step in but not this time. I have you all to myself.”

“You’re sick. Damien! Damien!” she yelled and tried to shake him awake.

“Ha, don’t worry he’ll wake up in a minute or two. I want him to watch this,” Jack said as he approached her with a gun in hand. Damien slowly opened his eyes.

“Katrina?” he said weakly.

“Damien!” she pulled him closer to her.

“Joe is really…”

“I know.”

“Yes Damien she already knows it’s time to get to the real action now. You see we are going to play a little gave. It goes a little something like this. You do what I say and nobody gets hurt. Now if you don’t then your boy friend here won’t make it till the next hour now is that clear?”

Katrina looked back to Damien.

Katrina looked back to Damien.
“Katrina.” Damien said.
“If I do everything you want me to do you won’t hurt him?”

“That’s right I won’t hurt him. Now get off the floor and sit over there.” He ordered.

Katrina reluctantly complied with his wishes. Jack went over and sat next to her.
“Now I want you to use that pretty mouth of yours to give me a blow job. If you bite me, I swear I will shoot you in the head and him too. Now go on and make it good.”
She slowly bent down to his crotch and unzipped his pants. Joe kept the gun trained on Damien as she took out his dick and began to suck it. Joe groaned for a moment but still kept the gun pointed on Damien who could only watch as Katrina sucked off Jack. He was still unable to move due to the drugs Jack had injected him with. He felt completely helpless as he watched his girlfriend being forced to give head to this monster. He prayed that the drugs would ware off soon so he could stop Jack from hurting Katrina further.

“MMMM yessssss. You are so good at this. I’m sure you made Damien very happy with that mouth of yours.” He moaned. “Ahhh suck it hard…ooo yeah like that.”
When Jack felt he was about to cum, he pulled Katrina by the hair. She stopped sucking his dick and looked up at him.
“I’m about to bust. I want you to swallow it. All of it so get back down there and get to work.” He ordered.

She grudgingly compiled. She wished that this were all a bad dream. That Damien was with her in her room sleeping and that he would wake her up soon and tell her that it was only a dream. It didn’t seem like it was though with Damien on the floor unable to move and Jack sitting here on the couch with a gun. She was stuck with no way out.
Jack held her head down as he came in her mouth. He watched her swallow all of his cum. He released her head and grinned.
“That was real nice Katrina. I’m sure Damien has had many of those from you.”

Damien struggled to more once more and was able to bang his hand against a near by table.
“Oh great is it starting to wear off? I thought it last a little longer than that. Oh what a pity I guess I’ll have to speed this whole thing up.” Jack said and pushed Katrina aside. He stood up and aimed his gun at Damien’s head.

“No! You said you wouldn’t hurt him if I did what you asked.” Katrina protested.

“I did say that didn’t I. Well you should know better than to trust someone like me but then again you don’t but since I’m feeling generous…. I guess I’ll let him live for another moment.” He said but the shoot him in the stomach. “That should give him a few more minutes to live. I was just going to shoot him in the head but since you insisted on letting him live.” He drawled.
“Katrina…” Damien called out to her weakly to her. She quickly went to his side as Jack laughed at the scene before him.

“This is fucking priceless but wait not yet.” He said as he grabbed Katrina up and forced her to the couch. “The last thing he is going to see is me fucking you on this couch. I wonder how he is going to feel knowing that he can’t do a damned thing about it.”

“No Please!” she cried. “Please just leave us alone. I promise not to say anything just please let me get him to a hospital.”

“You think I want him to live? You think I’m going to let you live?” He questioned. “Oh Katrina, I wanted you again for so long. Every woman I fucked was nothing compared to you. I’ve been tempted to take you again for the past few months but I waited because I knew this moment would be well worth it.” He said as he reached for his belt buckle. “I know that you have thought about that night we had together. I am certain that you will never forget this one. Get on the couch or I’ll but a bullet through his head fuck you and then put one in yours.”

The tears ran down Katrina’s face as she complied with his wishes. She to a look a Damien again, the he was holding the wound with his hands trying to stop the blood from spilling out. She could tell that he was in a lot of pain as the veins in his head popped out and the blood started to come from his mouth. She didn’t know if he would last much longer and she didn’t know what Jack would do with them after. She couldn’t think. She was frightened and praying silently, hoping that God above would hear her prays and save them.

Jack caressed her cheek gentle with his right hand as his left ripped her blouse open. “Calm down baby, you know you’re going to enjoy it.” He said and forcefully kissed her. He forced his tongue into her mouth as a prelude to what he is going to do to her later with his dick. His hands reached her back and he unhooked her bra quickly disposing of it.

“There we are so nice and soft. I bet Damien spent a lot of time on them and I bet you enjoyed it too.” He said as he fondled her breasts. He squeezed one of her nipples hard causing her to cry out. He smiled at this and did it to the other. “I think I’ll make you cum for me a few times. After all, it’s the very least I can do.” He said then forced her down on the couch with him on top of her. His mouth went to her breasts and immediately began sucking and biting them. After a few whimpers from her he pulled away. “You liked that didn’t you?” he questioned her. “I know you did.” He said and lifted himself up from her, his hand slipping down to her pants and quickly unbuttoning them and taking them off her body along with her panties. He pulled her legs apart and took off his pants and boxers, positioning himself between her legs. Jack rubbed himself against her to let her know that there was nothing she could do about it. Tears continued to stream down her face as the rape was about to begin. He took his hard dick in his hand and pressed against her entrance. He rubbed it around the slick whole to tease her.

“You feel that?” he asked with a vicious smile. “ I know you do. Like that don’t you? Oh you’re already a little wet. You must want this as much as I do. Your such a fucking tease, such a slut.” He said as he pushed the head of his dick inside of her. She flinched as she felt him thrust inside her. She tried to think of something else to blank out what was happening to her but it was almost impossible because she was so worried about Damien. As Jack continued to rape her and talk trash she managed to turn her head to see Damien. He was clutching the wound on his chest and struggling to keep his eyes open. When their eyes met she felt she wanted to cry as he mouthed her was sorry before coughing up some more blood. She couldn’t bare to look at him anymore and so she closed her eyes and waited for Jack to finish.

“Oh yes! I’m about to cum and your going to feel it.” He groaned as he neared his orgasm. He didn’t realize that Damien was slowly crawling on the floor as he was fucking Katrina. He felt his body tense up as he was about to cum inside of her. “ Here it comes….” Was the last thing he said as he came.

Damien felt completely helpless as he watched Jack force his girl friend to the couch. He was in so much pain and felt so weak. It was a struggle for him to keep his eyes open. He tried moving a few times but his body protested every time he tried to crawl and he wanted to give up but when her eyes met with his everything changed. He forced himself to crawl across the floor. He didn’t know what good it was going to do until he saw Katrina’s blackberry on the floor under the table not far from her purse. He crawled to it and grabbed the phone, cautiously looking over to them making sure Jack didn’t see him. He quickly sent a detailed text message to 911 for help. He knew that was the most he could do for them and with that he passed out.

“ HMM I hope that was as good for you as it was for me.” He laughed as he pulled out of her and put his dick back in his pant. Katrina sat up and tried immediately and rushed to Damien. She noticed that he was unconscious so she tried to wake him up.

“Please…Damien! Please …oh God no.. Please wake up.” She cried as she tried to wake him.

“Well if he’s dead he dies watching a good show. Now I believe it is time for me to go now. Bodies start to stink after a while and I don’t want that smell in my clothes. Well it was nice while it lasted.” He said as he walked out the room and out of their lives forever.

The Police and paramedics arrived at the scene ten minutes after Jack pulled off in his van. The Paramedics took Katrina and Damien away to the nearest hospital where Damien was rushed into emergency surgery. By the time the doctors and police finished with Katrina, Damien had just gotten out of surgery and was put in a room. The doctor told her it was a close call and that she should call his parents at some point to let them know what happened. She told the doctor she would and went into the room to see Damien. He was hooked up to a few machines that beeped. She sat in chair next to his bed and squeezed his hand. He surprised her by squeezing back and opening his eyes.

“Oh Damien..” she started.

“I’ll be okay.” He said and gave a weak smile. “I’m so sorry.”

“No, don’t even think about blaming yourself for this. It wasn’t your fault and I won’t have you take the blame. The one that is responsible is out there somewhere and I hope one day he gets what’s coming to him.”

“Katrina if he ever come back here. I promise you he will.” He said.

Katrina smiled at him weakly. “He won’t”


Route 119

“So I guess this means I’ll have to change your name now.” A women said.

“Yeah, I’ll need a new birth certificate too. You know the works.” Jack replied as he drove.

“I wish you been more discreet about this. You could have been caught and now you have to worry about being caught. You should have just killed them both instead of fucking around.” She said sternly.

“Well you know me…besides I think they won’t look into it much. They’re too happy to be alive now.”

“How do you know they guy survived?”

“I still have that radio that picks up the radio signals. I heard the dispatcher say that he survived when they radioed in the call to the captain. They’re going to question him tomorrow.”

“Wonderful. You better head to Chicago. We can stay there for a while.” She told him as she checked her email.

“Alright then Chi-town it is.”

The End

Lady Lynxx – Ok folks, that’s the alternate ending, kindly written by Lady Bass. What do you guys think?

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