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THE OTHER SON: Part 4…Closer

*This series was written by LadyBass of balleralert.com and told to me in parts…it was so good that I asked her if I could share it with you guys! Read and enjoy!*

Katrina avoided Damien for the next two weeks. She didn’t want to face him after what happened in his apartment. She missed him though but she didn’t want to get in to what happened. Every time he try and approach her she would duck out of his way or say that she couldn’t talk now due to be late for class or work. She didn’t want to end their friendship but she didn’t want to face him after what happened. She hadn’t seen Joe since that night so she was glad for that. She heard he was doing well in the hospital but she knew it was him she saw following her. Katrina was tired. She hadn’t been able to sleep well in the past few days. She kept having nightmares like she did when Joe raped her. She caught a few catnaps but it was starting to take its toll on her. She was a mess at this point.

“Katrina, Girl is that you?” Laretta asked.

“Yeah, it’s me.” She answered.

“You look terrible. Are you getting any sleep?”

“No, not lately. I have too much studying to do.” She lied.

“Oh well make sure to get some rest and soon. You look like you’re gonna pass out. Are you gonna go to the sports rally Thursday?”

“I don’t know. I might just stay home and get some rest or something.”

“Yeah you need it but remind Damien that the sports rally is on Thursday if you see him.

“Sure, I’ll tell him. If I see him.” She answered quietly.

“What’s the matter, you and Damien not talking?” She asked.

“Well kinda…”

“What did he do? Leave you by yourself at some party or something?”

“No, it’s me having issues.”

“Oh well don’t take it out on him,love. He likes you too much.”

“We’re friends. I would hope he like me.”

“No, not that type of like. I mean the other type of like. You haven’t noticed that he’s always been extra sweet on you?”

“No, he knows that we’re just friends.”

“Take it from me. He got it bad for you but since you just like him as a friend that’s what he’s been. It’s not a bad thing. He’s a good guy.”

“Yeah, that he is.”


Joe’s hospital room

“Okay we are now going to remove the tube. You may feel some discomfort. That is normal so on three. One, Two,Three…” the doctor said and pulled the tube from Joe’s throat. He coughed in discomfort.

“That wasn’t so bad. Now you can take your medicine orally and that’s a good thing. Over all your doing pretty well and I think you’ll be out of here in a few weeks. We’re just waiting for those infections to clear up. Don’t move too much. You don’t want to have the nurse change your bandages so soon.”

“Okay doc, will I be able to walk yet?”

“Give yourself a few days. Maybe by Saturday and then if that works out ok you’ll start your physical therapy.”

“Ok, thanks doc.” He said

“Your welcome. I’ll check in on you later.” The doctor said and left the room.

Joe lay back in the bed. He thought about what he should do first. Should he call the police and tell them his side of the story or should he call Damien?
Damien he knew would help him out but maybe calling the police was the safest bet but then he wouldn’t be able to prove very much. They were identical twins and that complicated matters. His father he knew would take up for Jack and claim Jack was with him the whole time while the only proof he didn’t have much proof. All he had was a plane ticket stub and that might not be enough to convict Jack. It would just be enough to prove that he was away and he couldn’t let Jack get away with what he did to those girls could he? What was he going to do? It was all getting very complicated.


Thursday Afternoon

“Hey Fred, have you see Katrina around?” Damien asked. She had been avoiding him for days now. He tried calling her but she didn’t return his calls. Did he mess up that bad he wondered to himself.

“No, I haven’t seen her. Try the café. They have a special on those smoothies so she might be in there.”

“Thanks man,” Damien said and rushed to the café hoping top find Katrina there. To his luck he did. She was up at the counter ordering her smoothie.

“Yes, I would like a strawberry banana smoothie. Make it a medium and make it thick.” Katrina said to the cashier.

“Alright that will be five dollars and forty-five cents.” Read the cashier from the computer screen.

“I got that and it a double.” Damien said and handed the girl a twenty. “Hi, Katrina.”

“Hello Damien.” She said a little sullenly as he collected his change.

“I haven’t seen you around in days. Why have you not returned my calls and hidden from me these past few days? I was worried about you.” He said as they waited for their drinks.

“Damien, I’ve been busy that’s all.” She lied.

“Yeah right what’s the real reason? Is it because of what happened the last time? Katrina, I’m sorry if I went too far. I didn’t mean to alarm you. I thought it was ok because of the way you first responded.”

“It wasn’t a bad kiss Damien. It’s just we’re supposed to be friends and that took it over that. I’m not comfortable with that. Besides you have other women that you could go for. I’m not relationship material right now and I like our friendship.” She told him.

“I don’t want to go for another woman. I just want to go for you. It don’t care if your not relationship material because I just want you”

“Damien, I…” She couldn’t finish because Damien bent down and kissed her. Kissed her in the café with the cashier and the two other people there watching them.
“Ummm your smoothies are ready.” The cashier said trying to get their attention. Damien broke the kiss to get the drinks. Katrina was recovering from the kiss, trying not to blush when she realized that other people were watching them.

“Here’s your smoothie.” He said handing it to her. “Let’s get out of here everybody keeps staring. It’s getting a little uncomfortable don’t you think?”

Yeah,” she said and started walking out of the café.

“So how’s the smoothie?” he asked.

“It’s good. Damien why did you kiss me, again?”

“I wanted to. Why you didn’t like it?”

“No it wasn’t that. It’s just I don’t know if I want to go in that direction with you. I think what we have is enough. We don’t have to go any further.”

“Why don’t you want to give us a try? Is it because of what happened with Joe? You know I would never do that to you. You have to start letting go a little Kat. Don’t let him run the rest of your life.”

“Easy for you to say. You don’t have the nightmares and at least you can sleep at night. You’re not constantly afraid.” She said taking another sip.

“It doesn’t have to be that way. All you have to do is give us a chance. If nothing else you won’t have to be afraid anymore. Nobody’s going to bother you if I’m with you. Just give me a chance, please.”

“Alright, Damien. We can give it a try.” She huffed.


Jack watched them from the corner. He saw the little scene they put on in the café. ‘Interesting’ he thought. “Should I or shouldn’t I. I should.” He said to himself and drank his coffee. He had a little plan for those two. There was something about that girl that made him want to play with her more. Even raping her wasn’t enough for him. He wondered how his brother was doing. When he got out of the hospital he would be a problem and Jack like it here too much. Maybe it was time to get rid of his little twin brother before he did something stupid like call the police. It was something to think about very carefully but the decision was already made by the circumstances. The question in Jack’s mind now was how. As he sat there, he was thrown out of his thoughts by a very attractive young women walking passed him and he wondered if she was alone. His eyes followed her until she left the complex in the dark of night. He got up slowly and to follow her.

Damien’s Apartment

“You haven’t been sleeping lately.”

“Yeah, I’m tired and want to sleep but I can’t manage it. I am only able to take short naps but I would love to sleep the whole night without interruption.”

“Well I think I can help you with that. You told me before that you don’t feel safe so maybe that’s the problem. When you feel safe then maybe you’ll sleep better.”

“Maybe but I only feel safe when I’m with you.” She admitted.

“If you are ok with this than how about you spend the night here with me. I’ll hold you like I do when we’re on the couch and then you go to sleep.”

“Are you sure Damien? I don’t want to bother you and be in your space like that.” She told him.

“You won’t be. I won’t do anything you don’t want me to do. I don’t mind you staying here so what do you say?”

“Okay, I’ll stay the night. Just no funny stuff.”

“No funny stuff.” He affirmed.

“Good cause I’m not playing Damien.”

“Ok, I said I’ll be good so what would you like to do it’s late?” he asked.

“I would like to try and get some sleep. Where are we going to lay down?”

“We could sleep on the couch or in the bed. I rather sleep on my bed. There is a lot more room and it’s very comfortable.”

“Your bed sounds good. MMM let’s go. I’m tired.”

“Sure right this way. Oh you know you don’t have to wear your clothes.”

“Damien!”she shouted.

“Ok,Ok I was just trying to make you more comfortable. You could wear one of my shirts. I didn’t mean to say you should sleep with me naked but I wouldn’t mind that either.” He shugged.

“Damien, don’t make me regret this.”
“I won’t. So here let me get you a shirt. You can sit on my bed if you want. Yes, I did change the sheets.” He added.

“I’m glad to here that. I don’t want to imagine what activities have taken place here on those sheets.” She said as she sat down. His room was in better shape than she expected. She was impressed. She saw that he had a few pillows and they were big and fluffy. She liked those kinds of pillows. They reminded her of her own in her apartment.

“Here you go.”

“It’s clean I hope.”

“Yes it’s clean.” He said and gave her the shirt. It was a short sleeve shirt with a skull on it. It was the Punisher shirt she saw him wear when the movie came out a few years ago.

“Well you get ready out there.” She said and pushed him out of his bedroom.


“Cause I am the guest and I need the space you so you change out there. I’ll call you in when I’m done.” She said and shut the door.

“Don’t take too long.”

Damien took his pants off and shirt and was ready for bed in two minutes but she still had not opened the door. He waited a few minutes before knocking on the door to see what was taking so long.

“Hey Kat what are you doing in there? Come on let me in.”

“Hold on a minute.” She yelled through the door.

“Sure,” he said and walked around in circles. ‘What was it with women that made them take so long at doing things?’ She finally opened the door two minutes later. The shirt he gave her to wear looked like a nightshirt on her. It hung to mid thigh to Damien’s delight. He could tell that she was wearing a bra and he wondered what he could do to make the move or at least brush against them.

“Damien stop staring at my breasts.” She told him. She guessed he was surprised to see her this way but they way he was staring at her made her feel uncomfortable.

“Sorry. Didn’t mean to stare. Are you ready for bed now?” he asked.

“Is that all you’re wearing?” she asked him. He was just in his boxers. She got a great view of his leg muscles and everything else. They had never been that close to each other with so little clothes on.
“Well yeah. You know sometimes I sleep naked but I figured you wouldn’t like that. Atleast not now so I left my boxers on.”

“Thanks for your consideration.”

“Your welcome. Does it bother you that this is all I’m wearing?”

“No, I’ll manage. Remember no funny stuff.” She said and walked to his bed. “what side do you sleep on?”

“On both. I don’t favor any side over the other.” He got on the bed and made room for her. “Come,” he patted the place for her to sleep next to him. She huffed and got on the bed. This felt a little awkward to her since she could feel his bulging muscles.

“Relax.” He said and wrapped his arms around her. “Does this make you feel better?” he asked and snuggled up against her.

Katrina felt like she wanted to scream. The closeness was too much for her. He was now her boyfriend and she had let him hold her like this before but then she remembered the thought she had a couple weeks ago. She forced her self to be cool and not think like that but it was very hard with Damien pressed up against her and his cologne filling her senses.

“Yeah, I’m ok.” She said and forced herself to relax.

“Ok,” he said. He keeping telling himself in his mind ‘Don’t get hard. Don’t hard. Don’t get hard.’ Over and over because the last thing he wanted was for her to get the wrong idea and take off running. That wouldn’t be good but it was hard considering that all she was in was a shirt and one of his shirts. If she would just brush up on his groin he didn’t know if he could keep himself from being at attention. ‘Whose great idea was this again?’ he thought. ‘Oh yeah, mine.’ He knew that it was going to be a very long night.

It was difficult at first but Katrina eventually fell asleep in Damien’s arms. He noticed a few minutes later that he asleep. He was happy about that because now he could sleep instead of mentally telling himself not to get hard. Everything seemed to be going well. Katrina didn’t wake up but she was having a very steamy dream, which was physically causing her to rub up against Damien. It wasn’t long before Damien was up. He felt himself feeling good, really good.

“What’s going on?” he asked quietly to himself. He rubbed his eyes and noticed that Katrina was still asleep but she had turned around and her hand was on his package. ‘Oh god.’ He thought. He tried to move her hand but when he shifted she started rubbing and squeezing him. He bit his lip to keep from making any noise but it felt good. He tried to move away once again but she did the same thing. The next hour was pure torture for Damien. Every time he tried to move her hand or shift the other away she would rub and squeeze him and it got worse as he began to get harder and harder. ‘Oh god if she doesn’t stop doing that…’His thoughts were broken by one of Katrina’s legs wrapping around him. ‘This has gone from bad to worse. How the hell am I gonna get out of this before she makes me bust. Just think she told me no funny stuff.’ Damien finally decided to give up. He didn’t want to wake her. She said she was sleeping well and although he wasn’t sleeping. He was at least getting some action. Eventually Katrina stopped and Damien was relieved in a way. He was still hard as a rock for a couple of hours after that but at least she wasn’t moving her hand.

Okay that’s all for now…thoughts ladies?

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