THE OTHER SON: Part 5…Nearly there

*This series was written by LadyBass of and told to me in parts…it was so good that I asked her if I could share it with you guys! Read and enjoy!*

Apartments Section C

The apartment C 7 on the sixth floor was quiet. Jack like the place that way especially a good fuck. He hadn’t been in the place since his brother got shot just out side the apartment complex in the park. He usually wouldn’t have taken a chance tonight but to drive that girl off campus to his brother’s house would have been too much of a hassle. He wanted his dick wet and he got that and more. He didn’t have to drag her anywhere or force her to do anything. It seemed she was looking for some action as well. Lucky for him, he didn’t have to kill her because she didn’t know his brother. She left an hour ago and she didn’t even know his name. That made him smile. It was nice to be anonymous sometimes. As the early morning hours of night creped on Jack wondered around the apartment that belonged to his brother. He didn’t want to fall asleep there and forget that his brother was in the hospital so he shouldn’t be there especially since he was Joe’s twin brother. People would start to piece things together and he couldn’t have that. Jack still needed to figure out how he as going to kill his brother and take his place here. He would have to set it up perfectly. Should he be the one to actually do it or should he just set him up. Maybe he could get that stupid detective to do it. He had been very helpful so far as when it came to Katrina. That bitch went to the police to report him. He didn’t think she would do that but she did and it made things difficult. He had to bribe the detective and calling in a fake lawyer to shut her down. ‘In the end was raping her in his brother’s house outside campus worth it?’ He would ask himself this sometimes and the answer was always yes.

Jack decided that it was time to put on his clothes and get ready to go. After all he didn’t want to be scene leaving here. As he prepared to leave his thoughts drifted to Katrina and her new boyfriend Damien. He thought about how he could interfere in their little relationship. He knew that if it were for him then they wouldn’t be together now so he started to feel that he should have another crack at her. Doing the same chick twice was very risky in this circumstance. Especially when she has a boyfriend that looks like he’s a football player turned MMA fighter. He would have to be very careful in his case very careful. When Jack finally opened the door to leave he smiled at the memory of his most recent sexual encounter. ‘Why couldn’t they all be like that?’ he thought.

The next morning Katrina woke up to the sound of Damien’s alarm going off. She managed to hit the sleep button in the first attempt. The clock read 6 am. She turned back around to Damien whom was still asleep. He seemed peaceful at the moment and she wondered how he could still be asleep with that alarm buzz. ‘Perhaps this is why his sometimes late to his early morning classes. He sleeps through the alarm.’ She thought. He was so warm and comfortable. Damien always made a good pillow or warmer. She remembered standing outside in the dead of winter waiting for the bus to take her into the city and freezing her ass off. Then Damien would just wrap himself around her and they both get warm that way. It was those times she was really glad she met him and that they became friends. Now it seemed everything was going to change. He wasn’t just her friend anymore. She told him that they could be in a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship and now she didn’t know exactly what she should do. They couldn’t just act the same could they? Now she have to make sure he wasn’t chasing other girls. Before she be more of the wing woman and introduce him to other women at a party or something. Now she was his girlfriend and he was her boyfriend who had a body to die for.

“Hey, your up.” Damien whispered quietly as he stretched out. “Did you sleep well?”

“MM yeah. That was the best rest I have had in a while.”

“Well I’m glad one of us can say that.”

“What do you mean? Didn’t you get some rest?” she asked.

“Oh I got some rest but it took me a while because you had your hand on my crotch and had your leg wrapped around me. The worst part of it was that you keep squeezing my package and rubbing it. It was pure torture.”

“Oh my god! I’m so sorry. I didn’t know that I was doing that to you.”

“Yeah well you did. You know I wouldn’t have minded as much if I had cum but it was like a long tease. Maybe you’ll let me cum next time.”

“If we ever get to that part Damien. Umm do you have class this morning?” she asked him trying to change the subject.

“No, I don’t have class but back to us. How far can we go? Does us being friends for all this time count toward anything?”

“I don’t know. I never dated any of my friends before. I guess it does but Damien I’m not ready for sex.”

“Ok but I wasn’t expecting it this soon. I just wanted to know about he other stuff cause last night you did a job on me and moaned some things…”

“I do not moan in my sleep!”

“Yes you do or at least you do when you’re grabbing my groin. Besides how would you know if you moan in your sleep or not?”

“I know because your making it up now.” She said and slapped him on the chest playfully.

“Owww! That hurt you know. You should be careful with me. You don’t want to bruise such a fine work of art.”

“Damien, you are many things but a fine work of art is not one of them.”

“Come on, you can’t tell me that you don’t think I have a great body.”

“Yes I can.” She smiled.

“Aww man, what do I have to do to impress you? I thought the muscles would do it.”

“Well you can start by making me breakfast so get to it. I want my eggs scrambled with cheese and butter on my toast and the paper.” She ordered.

“What? I thought this kinda service only came after sex.”

“Well I’m different and I allowed you to see me with only a shirt on.”

“Only a shirt on? Don’t you have on panties?” he asked.

“Nope, I washed them out last night. That’s why it took so long.”

“You mean to tell me that you’re wearing absolutely nothing under my shirt.” He said incredulously.

“Yep, Damien you had me here in your bed with no panties on with only a shirt.” She whispered to him in his ear.

“Oh damn,” he said and got up quickly.

“Where are you going?”

“To the bathroom.” He answered quickly.


“I gotta cum or I’m gonna explode ok. Shit! I could’ve mmm damn…How could you do this to me?” he asked and rushed into the bathroom.

“Have fun, Damien!”

About 20 minutes later

“Come on Damien. Get out already.”

“I’m coming out. Just hold on a minute.” He said through the door. A minute later he emerged from the bathroom relieved.

“Why did it take you twenty minutes?” she asked him.

“Well I was having too much fun with your panties so I decided to stay in there awhile.”

“You what?!” she yelled.

“Hey it’s not my fault that I used your panties for my pleasure you’re the one that first got me all hot and then told me that you were not wearing any panties. Besides they were right there on the rail and I was jacking off and they were a great inspiration. Don’t worry I washed them out again for you.” He said and got back into his bed.

“Damien! Please tell me you didn’t cum on them!” she screamed at him.

“Well that why I had to wash them out. I wasn’t just looking at them. I smelled them and rubbed them on me and it go a little out of control in there so I had the to wash them out when I was done. They’ll be dry in a couple of hours or so.” He said.

“Oh my god! Damien I’m going to kill you!” she screamed and ran into the bathroom.


When she entered the bathroom and grabbed her wet panties and went back into the bedroom. She was upset but Damien just looked at her like he did nothing wrong. Just then she threw them right in his face.

“Hey what was that for? I washed them out.”

“You came on my underwear and sniffed them! What am I supposed to do?”

“Let them dry and not throw them in my face. You know if they were dry I wouldn’t mind as much. I love the smell of a woman.”

“Damien, your crazy.” She said taking her panties from him and hanging them up to dry.

“Yup, now come here. It’s lonely over here.”

“You need to stop.” She said but she came over to him anyway. She got on the bed and lay across his chest.

“MMM that’s better. Do you have class today?”

“No, I don’t.”

“Good then we could stay here just like this and do things like this.” He said and started planting kisses on her neck.

“Damien that feels good.” She moaned as he started sucking on her neck now. It was always her weak spot.

“Do you want me to stop this? I could if you wanted to.” He asked her and kissed her neck again.

“Keep going.”

“Right on.” He said and turned her over so he was on. He was kissing and sucking on her neck in his bed. A fantasy come true for him and she said to keep going. He was a lucky dog. Damien moved up to her lips to kiss her as he adjusted their position on the bed. It was nice to be strong enough to move her around. He felt her hands on his back and neck pulling him closer with her rubbing against his side. ‘How far did she did she say we could go?’ he thought for a second but the thought left him as the fire alarm in the building went off. They both jumped from each other and hurried to put on their clothes.

“Shit! Today was the day they were going to do a drill.” Damien said as he slipped his pants on.

“Thanks for letting me know.” She said as she slipped her sneakers on.

When they we dressed the headed out into the seas of other grumpy people in the hall. The flashing bright lights of the fire alarms irritated the eyes of the students as they made their way out of the building. Once outside the students were outside the Fire Marshall and the dean of the building greeted them. The Dean of the Building and the RA made some announcements about up coming events and then said that they could go back inside the building if they pleased. Damien and Katrina rushed inside so they wouldn’t get caught up in the crowd of slow moving students. Once inside Damien started stripping, eager top return to there previous activities.

“Damien, what are you doing?” she asked.

“I’m taking off my clothes so we can continue our session in my bedroom.”

“Damien, not so fast. That was getting a little out of control in there. I think we should slow down.”

“You don’t want to be like that with me?” he asked.

“No it’s not that at all. I want to but I just don’t want to get so into it that it moved to sex and I’d tell you no and you keep going. “
“Katrina, if you tell me to stop then I’ll stop.”

“You promise?”

“Yes I promise. So since we both don’t have anywhere to go. How about we chill in my room.”

“You just want to see me in nothing but your shirt again.”

“Yeah and I want to go back to the kissing. I’m a boy. I can’t help it.”

“Yeah I know. Come on then but nothing else.” She said and went to his bedroom.

“I can live with that. Now will you please take off those pants?”


“Maybe? Come on, I’m in my boxers.” He protested.

“Yeah and I’m in your room with the door locked.” She said and ran into the room and closed the door behind her. Damien tried to open the door but it was locked.

“Kat open this door!”

“No, I’m taking a nap and your staying out there. I’ll see you in an hour.” She said through the door.
“I can’t believe this. Can I at least be in there with you? I make a good pillow. Please!” he begged.

He knew she could resist him when he whined. The door opened and she let him in.

“Come on, Damien. Keep me warm.”

Okay that’s all for now…thoughts ladies?

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