THE OTHER SON: Part 6…Finally

*This series was written by LadyBass of and told to me in parts…it was so good that I asked her if I could share it with you guys! Read and enjoy!*

Two months later

Joe was happy to be out of the hospital and back on campus again. He missed the feel of the college but now was no time to relax. He had lots of work to do. He had to find his brother and get him to confess about what he had done on tape. He found out that getting a taped confession was the only way to put Jack away. He knew it wouldn’t be easy but he have to try. Joe knew that this was his entire fault. He wanted to go to Spain for a semester and get credit for his other classes here because instead of taking a bunch of classes in Spain he took a vacation for about six months or so. He thought he if got his twin brother to take his place in class he could get away with it and he did but now a bunch of people got hurt including him. Now it was up to him to stop Jack before he hurt somebody else. The first place he checked was his apartment but his brother wasn’t there. That meant he had to be at the house, that was a few miles from the campus. Joe decided to get settled here before going out there to find his brother.

“All I need to do is to get him to confess like he did when I as in the hospital then it is all over.” He said to himself.

“He’s out of the hospital so he should be looking for me. I’ll stay here and wait for him then. No sense in killing him on campus. Too much work in moving the body and besides he might as well have one last drink before he dies. He is my brother after all. Let’s see I’ll kill him and then take his place. He’ll become Jack and I’ll become Joe. It’s not like our parents will know the difference and then I’ll make everyone believe that he set me up. Yes that should work.” He said to himself and took another sip of his vodka. He turned and looked at the dead girls body on the floor next to him and smiled.

‘Today was a good day.’ He thought to himself.

“So when are we going to do it?” Damien asked.

“Later today so be ready.”

“I’m ready right now.”

“That’s great but be patient. We’re not doing it until later today. We got some things to do now like homework. Come let’s get though this reading for history, we don’t want this to take all day.”

“No we don’t because we have plans for later.” he smiled and opened up the text book to begin reading.

“Damien do you have protection?”

“Yes, I have plenty protection. We’ll be okay”

“Ok then back to work.”

It was about 8:30 when Joe got to his house, which was located just outside the city. It was dark outside but the lights were on inside the house so he knew that Jack was there. He went up the steps to the door and took out his key. He unlocked the door and turned the knob slowly. He didn’t want Jack to know that he was there just yet. He had brought a small video recorder to tape their conversation. Once inside he didn’t see Jack around so he went into the living room and hide the recorder in such a way that it wouldn’t be noticed but would be able to record anything that went on in the room. He held the controller in his pocket. When he was ready then he would press the button and it would begin recording. He was all set so he walked into the hall and called his brother.

“Jack! Jack!” he yelled.
“I’m here, stop all the shouting. I’m coming to you right now.” He said. Jack walked down the hall to his brother.
“We have to talk, Jack.” Joe said to him.
“Yes, I know. Let’s sit in the living room and have a drink then and talk.”

“Yeah let’s talk.” Joe said and entered the living room with his brother. Jack went over to the side and poured them some gin while Joe pressed the record button the controller he was carrying. Jack sat down in a lone chair as Joe picked up his drink and took a sip. Jack smiled as Joe finished the gin and poured another while he just held the drink in his hand.

“So what do we need to discuss?” Jack asked.
“You know what. You came into my room and told me about what you had done to Katrina. You said you raped her and somebody else.”

“Yes, I did. Katrina was one of my favorites. The fight in her elevated the experience. You should try it sometime. The other girl I rape was ok. You know she passed out during the action though. I’m afraid that was her boyfriend that shot you. Sorry about that but better you then me as they say.”

“You’re sick Jack. Really sick and you need help. What you did was horrible and the worst part is those women think it was me! You ruined my reputation!”

“Oh come off it. It’s not like you’ll see those bitches again anyway. You’ll graduate and get that job and be off with your life while I sit in the shadows so what I had some fun at your expense. You can afford it.” He said crossing his legs.

“Jack, how could you say that? Don’t you feel bed about what you have done? You’re my brother so I’ll go with you to the station. Just me and you and I’ll be with you though what happens but I can’t let you get away with what you’ve done. I just can’t.”

“I’m sorry you feel that way, Joe. I really am.” He said and got up from the chair and walked to the other side of the living room.

“What are you doing and why do I feel drunk. I didn’t have that much to drink.” He said feeling woozy.

“Oh that brother is education at its’ best. You see in Chemistry we learned about different chemical compounds and what happens when they interact with each other and the effect of certain substances on the human body. You see I figured you would try to turn me in to the police so I spiked the entire bottle of gin. You didn’t notice that I did not take a sip from my drink and you had about two more that enough for the drug to take affect.”

“My god, Jack. What have you done?”

“I have just sentenced you to death, Joe. You see once you die I’m going to take your place but not before I put the blame of all those crimes I commited on you. Just to top it off I put this dead girl on top of it. The police will find your body and hers and they’ll put the pieces together with my help. Then I’ll set my eyes on Katrina and her new boyfriend.”

“It’ll never work. You forgot my wounds are fresh.” He whispered.

“Yes I thought of that and that’s why your body will be burned beyond recognition and I have been shot before so if anyone asks. I’ll show them my old bullet wounds. You see I have it all planned out so I guess this is good bye.” He said as Joe fell out of the chair unconscious.

“Damien, I’m ready.” She said a little nervous.

“Okay, I have everything we need. Don’t be nervous Kat. I’ll take good care of you.” He assured her.

“I hope you do because it has been a long time since I done this so be gentle.”

“I will.” He said and swung the back pack over his should. They walked across The Green and into the sandy area of the volleyball court. Once they got there they went to opposite sides of the court. Damien took out volleyball from the bag and some sun block/bug repellant. After he put some on himself he passed it to her and she did the same. They were finally going to do it.( Lady Lynxx hahahahhahahahahahaha)

“Ready top get this started?” Damien asked.

“Yeah, loser buys the winner dinner.”

“Your on! Get ready to spend that money.” He said and started the game.

An hour later

“So I would like a stake dinner at the Stagebrush.” Katrina told Damien as she tossed him the ball. He huffed and putt he ball away. He was a little upset that he lost. He thought he had a good chance of winning since she hadn’t played in awhile. Unfortunately he was very wrong because not only did she beat him in one game but three.

“When do you want this dinner?” he asked.


“Okay. Tomorrow it is but don’t expect any flowers.”

“Oh I don’t want flowers. I just want my steak dinner and desert.”

“Don’t worry you’ll get it.” He said sounding a little upset. He was about to be out of a few dollars very soon.

“Damien…” she said softly and rubbed his shirtless chest. “ Does that make you feel better?”


“How about this?” She kissed him on his chest.

“A little.”

“All right, how about this?” and rushed up to kiss him on the lips. Damien wasn’t upset anymore after that but he was very horny. He dropped the bag to put his arm around her. She rubbed the sides of his muscled arms wanting to get closer so she pressed herself against him. Damien stopped kissing her.

“Let’s go drop this stuff off at my apartment.” He said and picked up the bag he had dropped.


“We should go and drop this off.”

“Okay.” She said disappointed.

The walked back to his apartment in silence. Katrina wondered why Damien was so quiet. He usually would have said something to her by now. She wondered if she did something wrong and he was upset with her. She really couldn’t figure out what was going on with Damien at this point. She decided to wait until they got to his place and then she’d ask him what was the matter. Katrina took a few steps into his apartment when he opened the door and turned around intent on finding out why Damien was acting so strange but before she could say his Damien. Damien kissed her passionately, picked her up and carried her to his bedroom.

Damien laid her on his bed as he continued kissing her. He ran his fingers through her hair and kicked off his shoes. Her hand roamed his back and neck as Damien made his way between her legs. He quickly took off her shoes and resumed kissing her. Katrina pushed him away after a minute.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

“Sorry it’s just I didn’t expect that.”

“It was a spur of the moment thing.”

“Damien, do you have condoms because I’m not on the pill.”
“Yeah, I do. Are you really ready?” he asked.

“I know I’m ready. At least I’m ready with you, Damien.” She said and covered his hand with hers.

“Thank you. We are finally going to do this now I can stop using your thong for alternative proposes.”

“So that’s why I can’t find my thong. Thanks Damien.”

“Your welcome now let me find those condoms I know I put them here some where.” He said searching for the condoms.

“Damien you sure now how to kill the mood.” She said as she watched him tear up his room looking for his condoms. She couldn’t help but laugh after a few minutes of watching him search in drawers and toss his clothes all over the place. She curled up on one of his big pillows as he searched another draw. This was priceless. Just then he lifts up a Nike shoebox and says, “Got it!” She sat up as he brought the box to her. When he opened it up she could see the different kinds of condoms.

“So now it’s time to pick one and get down to business.”

“Which one?” she asked looking through the few he had.

“Well I think the magnum or magnum XL but I want some sensitivity too so..”

“Damien you mean to tell me that you can fit an XL condom? I don’t believe you.”

“Well I can fit an XL condom. They have bigger but those are really hard to find. The problem is I have a lot of girth so it’s inconvenient some times. Regular condoms are ok but they sometimes don’t stretch enough for me. This one looks good extra sensitive and roomy.” He said pulling that one out and putting the box away.

“Damien you are special.”

“Thank you. Now for the fun part.” He said laying to the side of her. He traced up her arm with his finger and looked her over. “Katrina, I have been waiting so long for this. I almost can’t believe that it’s finally happening. I can’t decide how I want to do this but I know that you haven’t been with anyone else since that night with Joe so I promise that it will be nothing like that.”
He said as he glided his hand over her breasts and down her stomach to the bottom of her shirt. He slipped the tip of his fingers under the shirt to lightly touch her bare skin. While his eyes bore into her for a minute until he rubbed his nose up and down the side of her arm letting his lips graze her skin. His fingers moved in small circles as he moved his hand further up her shirt. He finally started kissing his way up her arm as his other hand gently pushed the shirt over her breasts as his fingers drew circles on her skin.

He looked up at her and helped her remove her shirt completely. She folded her arms over her breasts shyly as he stared at her.

“Baby, don’t be afraid. I love everything that I see so far. Relax, I’m take good care of you tonight.” He said as he stroked her chin. “How about you finish undressing for me? But do it while your on top of me and take it off slowly.” He said lying flat on his back

“Damien, this is kind of strange. No one I have been with acts like this.”

“I’m not anyone so come one and get on top of me. I still have my pants on and nothing has come out to bite you yet.” He said waiting for her to mount him.

“All right.” She said and swung her leg over him to sit on his lower abdomen. He slid her further back so she rested on his pelvis.

“I want you to feel me. Now take your bra off slowly.” He ordered. He kept his eyes on her and it scared her a little. She didn’t know that he could be like this. Usually she was the one telling him what to do but he was different tonight but it wasn’t a bad different.
She began to slowly take off her bra in front of him. He didn’t look away once and he barely even blinked. She tossed her bra to the side and Damien slide his hands up to her breasts and began to massage them and play with her nipples. She moaned as he lightly pinched her nipples. He lifted himself up and started sucking on her breasts.

“Damn…..Damienuuuh they are not going any where.” She moaned as he sucked her breasts like a hungry child afraid that he wouldn’t eat again. He fingers went through his hair as he continued his actions. He used his teeth to puller on her nipples then used his tongue to lick over them. When he was done with that he kissed to side of her breast and then kissed his way up her neck to begin sucking there. Katrina was moaning uncontrollably as she held Damien close to her. She started to feel him through his pants and it just turned her on more. She finally pushed his head up and kissed him. She pulled him as close as she could get him to her. She loved the feel of her breasts against his chest and his hand on her neck and back. This was more than she every imagined it would be with him.

Damien reluctantly pulled away. “Let’s get the rest of these clothes off.” He said and flipped them over so she was lying on her back and he was on top. He then pulled her pants off of her legs and slowly put them to the side.

“Damien, why are you moving so slow? I’m comfortable now. Come on.” She protested but he moved slowly back on top of her slide down to her belly button and inserted his tongue there and licked a trail to her panties. He took the waistband of her panties in his mouth and pulled them off with his teeth and then sniffed them and tossed them aside.

“I don’t know whether to be scared or aroused.” She commented at his actions.
“Be both and don’t talk so much. I’m in control here. You just tell me to stop, more or answer when I ask you something. That’s it. You can run your mouth about how good it was or about how sore you are after.” He said and he removed his pants and boxers and threw them across the room.

“Oh my god!” she exclaimed and curled up on the bed.


“You’re fucking huge, that’s what. My god, Damien.”

“Well I told you I can fit a Magnum XL and I have a lot of girth so what did you expect?”

“No that! Are you sure you can fit that condom?”

“Yes, I’m sure. It’s going to be a little tight for me but it’ll work.”

“That’s great now you can’t be doing any of that ramming shit on me ok. None of that! You better go real slow and I mean slow. You look like you can tear me a new one.”

“I’ll try not to.” He said and laid on his stomach and opened her legs so his head was just above her pussy. “You should let me shave you sometime. I’m great with razor.”

“You like it with no hair?”
“Oh I like it with hair and without hair but I’m saying that it you’d let me shave you. You would really enjoy it and I do good work if you haven’t noticed.” He said and then started kissing the side of her thighs.

“MMM yeah I notice. You keep your privates neat. Most men don’t shave down there but I usually wax. Damn that feels good.” She moaned.

“Yes I can see. If you let me I guarantee you’ll never wax there again besides I said I also like it with some hair. Let’s me know I’m with a woman and not a girl. Now to do what I have always wanted.” he said and pushed his tongue between her folds and swirled it around her clit. Katrina gripped the sheets and clenched her teeth when he did that. Damien kept up with the swirling tongue as Katrina moaned louder and louder and started moving her hips. Damien rested his hand on her stomach to keep her in place. He started sucking on her clit as her legs wrapped themselves around his head.

“Oh god, Damien!” she screamed out loud as her first orgasm hit her. He hands where press down on the top of his head because he was still swirling his tongue around her clit and the sensation was almost too much. “Damien, I don’t know if I can again so soon. MMMM shit!”

Damien had inserted two of his fingers inside of her and curled them in just the right place and began stroking her g-spot as he lightly sucked on her clit and used his other hand to press on her abdomen. He held his ground as she tried to toss and turned and screamed his name as she had her second orgasm. He maneuvered his tongue expertly as he finger fucked her faster. He could feel her muscled tighten around his fingers and he could just imagine how it would feel once he was inside her. He started sucking in her clit harder and a few moments later he heard her scream and felt her squirt all over him. He had finally accomplished on of his goals. Damien licked her pussy eagerly as she recovered. He then placed a kiss on her stomach.

“Did you like that?” he asked. His voice got deeper and his eye grew darker.

Katrina to a minute to answer his question. “Yes, Yes and Yes! I loved it! I never had that happen to me before. It was amazing.” She said as her legs fell to the side.

“I’m glad you loved it. I loved it too. You got me nice and hard.” He said as he picked up the condom and opened it.

“Don’t you want me to do you?” she asked.

“Later, I want this to be about you right now. Just relax and enjoy, trust me
I’m enjoying pleasuring you.” He said and he slipped the condom on himself. He got himself into position but did not enter her yet. He went back to kissing and sucking on her breasts in side but also moved his body in a wave like fashion to only graze her enter but never enter it. His muscles barely touched her skin but it was setting her on fire in combination with all the attention her was given her breasts at the moment.

“Damien, please I need you inside me.” She begged. Damien’s head rose and kissed her passionately. He reached down with one of his hands and rubbed himself at her entrance a couple of times before he lined himself up and pushed in slowly.

Katrina gasped as he started to enter her. She hadn’t had sex in months and Damien was a lot bigger than Joe. It wasn’t very comfortable for her to take him n although he was going slowly. She bit her lip as her discomfort grew as he pushed inside of her.

“Are you alright? We can stop if you want. All you have to do is tell me. I won’t be upset.” he asked as he stopped for a minute.

“I’m okay. It’s just it been a long while and your so big. I have to adjust to you.”

“Okay, I’ll keep going slow then.” he said

“How much of you is inside of me?” she asked.

“I just put the head in. We got a long way before I’m half way in. You see I got the best of both worlds, long and thick. You’ll get used to me, eventually” He said and started moving inside her again. He then kissed and sucked on her neck as he moved in then out slowly, adding more of himself each time he entered. It began to get a little easier now that she was becoming more lubricated as he brushed against her g-spot each time he entered her pulled out.
“Damien…I want more.” She moaned as he wrapped her legs around his waist.

Damien at this point just pushed himself in half way in one stroke to giver he what she wanted and what he needed. This half an inch thing was killing him. She was so tight and he was big and trying to go slow. It was a lot harder then he thought it would be. She arched her back when he did that dug her nails into his back.

“Fuck!”she moaned out loud as he stayed still for a moment then moved out of her once again only to fill her up half way with his cock. She was still getting used to him but he still felt really good. She squeezed her legs around his waist tighter as moved his whole body for each thrust.

Damien stopped kissing her neck and kissed her lips instead as he changed his stroke and moved faster. She moaned into his mouth as he moved differently and added more inches. He started to groan feel around her body. He could never have imagined that it would be this good. He moaned out loud when he was completely inside her. He paused for a minute as she tried to lean her head back further in the pillows. She was more than full and her legs started to quiver once Damien started thrusting inside her again. He found his rhythm and now there was no stopping him.

“Oh fuck yes! MMMMM oh shit!” she screamed as she felt another orgasm building up inside of her with each thrust. She really like the way he moved this time. She never had a guy that had two different strokes and it was great. Damien then reached down and pulled her knee up in the crock of his arm as changed his stroke to something different. Katrina went crazy and before she knew it she was screaming his name as she came with Damien not even pausing to rest.

“MMMMM damn baby you’re making it so hard for me.” He groaned and lifted himself up to change positions. He got on his knees and lifted her hips up off the bed and grinded into her. He changed his stork a couple of times in the position just to get her close to orgasm but never reaching it. He even teased her by completely pulling out and not thrusting himself back in until she protested quite loudly.
“Please Damien, I’m almost there again. Don’t pull out.” She begged him. She had tried to wrap her legs around him but he held them in his arms. His teasing was wonderful torture but she desperately wanted to cum.
“Mmm okay baby I’m gonna let you cum. Damn Katrina you fell so good. I don’t think I’m going last much longer.” He groaned as he felt her squeeze tightly. He leaned in to her with her knees in the crook of his arm and moved his hips in quick circles. He felt her squeeze him tighter this time and knew she was about to cum. Katrina’s legs started to quiver once more as her orgasm took over. She heard Damien scream her name after she screamed his and felt him slow down with his thrusts. She felt his muscles tense from his orgasm and the sweat drip from his body onto hers. He stayed still for a moment before pulling out of her and laying next her exhausted.

“How was that?” he asked catching his breath and carefully removed the condom.

“Fucking unbelievable. It was amazing.” She said as he gathered her in his arms.

“MMMM Yes, it was. Can we sleep now? You got me beat.” He said and snuggled up to her closing his eyes.

“Yeah we can sleep. It’s not like I can walk now. You got me all sore and it will be worse when I wake up.”

“Then I did my job.”

“Yes, you did.” She said and fell asleep.

Okay that’s all for now…thoughts ladies?

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