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THIS GROUPIE HAS BEEN EXPOSED!: Nicki Minaj wears butt pads? Dayumn!

Props to Leonard aka Mr Hood Estate for this story!

Nikki are you hiding something…

“I heard this already but now I got a friend request on myspace from the “FAKE ASS NICKI MINAJ PAGE EXPOSED” LOL. And this myspace is dedicated to just what it says- exposing. Now the word on the streets is that Nicki is a “jumper.” She originally started with Fendi- dropped him. Then went to Lil Wayne- he ain’t doing shit with her. Then went to Sickamore. Dropped him. Then went to Ang Money- dropped her. Then went to Deb at So Icey- will she drop Deb as well? It seems like Nicki’s path is to get on somebody’s bandwagon and then jump to the next if a better opportunity presents itself.

She also never showed up to Allhiphop’s Breeding Ground event- and guess why? Because the executives didn’t send her a plane ticket- which I hear she asked for the day of the show. Totally sloppy. AHH was like “Bitch, please!” Nah, they were like we have State Property, EPMD and Keith Murray doing it for free- what makes you so special? Exactly!!!

Check out her this myspace page from an angry fan or disgruntle employee!!!” www.mayamedena.com

and from another site

“Now, it seems that people are getting fed up with her. I peeped over at Maya The B’s website (thank you Calamity Jane) that some of those disgruntled people have created a MySpace page dedicated to how fake she apparently is. They also exposed the fact that she rocks BUTT-PADS!” the9elements.com

Here is the link to the Myspace page:

Here is the alleged evidence…

The butt pads..

The outfit that was labelled ‘confiscated’ on the Myspace page

Nicki wearing the outfit…

Damn just dayumn! I wonder is Nicki is gonna reply to this and who knew that she was such a jumper? Wow, just goes to show that if you step on enough toes your azz will get exposed!

As my good friends over here at balleralert.com say ‘something in the milk ain’t clean’


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