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Treat Your Pooch to something JUICY for Christmas…JUICY COUTURE

With Christmas literally being right around the corner, what could you possibly buy someone that has everything? Lately, we’ve seen a few posts as to what to purchase your baller & those individuals closest to you, including your children. What about this individuals who don’t have children just yet? Balleralert didn’t exclude you from the discussion.

Many of us consider our pets to be a member of the family. In most cases, they are our children. They eat,sleep & **** just like we do. Once they are done with the groomers, they come home with bows in their heads, looking extra cute. So with that being said, they’re just as stylish if not more than their owners. Many may argue they won’t purchase something designer for their pooch, but the fact of the matter is, if we can walk around with designer labels, why can’t they?

Below you will find a few stylish items for your pooch ranging in price from $45-$295

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