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Understand a Baller’s Needs before his Desires if You want to be Around for a While. Part 5

Need #9:Men Need A Woman Who Trust Him

This is probably the hardest thing for you to do. You have had many experiences with men that weren’t good.

Yet, a good man needs you to trust him. Even after he screws up time and time again.

What you don’t understand is that screwing up or failing is not a bad thing. Actually, the more he screws up the more he should be learning. The more he learns, the fewer mistakes he will make in the future and the more successful he will become in his relationship and in life.

The bottom line is if you can’t trust and support your man in his desire to achieve and fulfill his dreams, then leave him alone. You would expect him to allow you to do the same!

Why hold him back?

Let him go! Give another woman a chance to be the lucky one. At least he can look back and respect you for letting him go!

Overview of Understanding a Baller’s Needs:

These items are what most men would call the “icing on the cake” not the cake itself.

In other words, they can do without it, but would really, really love to have them!

Remember these things apply to “good men” or men striving to join the ranks of “good

The process to become a good man is not easy. The longer your man waits, and the older he get, the harder it is for him to modify certain parts of him.

Just imagine a bad habit you tried to stop. How difficult was it to stop? Did you stop it?

During the process, your man must unlearn what he was taught about women, life, money, relationships and so on.

Instead of one bad habit that most people attempt to deal with, your man must deal with all of his faults one after the other.

While dealing with his faults, he must reeducate himself in the areas he wants to change, but focusing on what he feels and believes to be true for him. Not what others have told him to believe or feel!

Look for the next series which will cover a Ballers WANTS

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