I posted the entire letter to my blog. My friend emailed me late last night and gave me permision to post the letter she wrote. The letter’s long and I had to shorten it, but here are some parts. I think it will help answer the concerns some posters had….

….I read the comments on Baller Alert. I was offended, appalled, and loved reading every word. I wish I had knew of this site months ago before I upped and left NYC. I’m not regretting anything because I just got started. I’m thinking I could’ve convinced somebody on there to come with me 🙂

I did my research for a year on Dubai for anyone who thinks I’m going to be kidnapped and locked up in a harem.

Anyhow, here’s why I left NYC. I have been with ballers since I was 17 years old, I am 34 right now. So, for 17 years I have been running up and down with what most women call the Black princes…paid athletes and business men…..The nights in bed, the mornings together, the plane rides home, the money in my bank account and the access to his rolodex and friends. Then it would end. I’d have to start all over again. Putting my body out there, my heart out there, wondering if this is gonna be the baller to end all ballers. Didn’t happen.

I was more confident, looked better, and never was the girl at the club waiting around to be noticed. I just bumped into ballers all the time. I could be at Subway’s and meet a baller….

….By 25, I was in a relationship with a major baller who owned his own business. He was in his late 50s. He never married, but had a child and was in great shape. He moved me into a house, bought me a ring, took me to his functions and came home every night for a year…..

….I dated civilians after that. It was never, ever enough. I belittled them, they ran off. When I saw myself going on Craigslist and reading those “sugar daddy” ads and really considering them, I knew I had to do something. I even responded to one of the escort ads, but never went to the “interview”. All I ever wanted was to be a baller’s wife. I met a girl who told me about Europe and Dubai, specifically. How I was missing out. I stayed at my job. I begged and prayed for an answer of should I stay or go. I’m meant to be married to a baller. My daddy was a baller. I don’t know anything else.

Too many black women are scared to explore their options. I’m definitely not. So, here I am in Dubai, at an internet cafe. I already met a man on the plane (those planes to the ME are filled with money men and women]. He was a brother from NYC! Just my luck. Here on business, he’s opening an office. But I’m not interested. I saw his ring. I didn’t come all the way out here to deal with the same men. There is far too much money out here, anyway……

I already wrote her back with my thoughts on this. Don’t know when I’ll hear from her again. I always believe wherever you go, there you are. She has to work on her inner self to attract a different kind of baller. I told her that and that’s what she plans to do.

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