Its been under heavy speculation as to whether the Usher & Tameka Foster divorce was just a hoax. They’re marriage was the talk of the town for many reasons. She was once his stylist that skillfully eased her way into wifey status. Can’t blame her for that, she played her cards right. However, there was one person in particular who wasn’t to partial about their union from the jump, his mother & former manager; Jonetta Patton. I guess its safe to say Momma knows best!

From the union which occurred August 3, 2007, two children were born; Usher Raymond V & Naviyd Ely Raymond. We can’t say Usher was a bad husband, for he rushed to be at his wife’s side when she suffered a cardiac arrest due to complications from cosmetic surgery.

Whatever the case may be, which the public might never know, Usher did in fact file for divorce recently. However they had been living separately for nearly a year. I guess there was big trouble in little China throughout their entire marriage. Its sad, that the union has come to an end.

I personally do not believe in divorce. I’ve been told from many its cheaper to keep her. If things can be reconciled through counseling & communication lets do it.

What are your thoughts?

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