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Want To Keep Your Baller? – Sex Tips To Get Him Riled Up and Keep Him Going – Part 1

When he leans in to kiss you, hold the back of his head gently in your hand.

Wet your lips and moan like you can’t wait to taste him.

Reach into your g-string and then touch his lips with your juices.

Lightly lick his nipples. They love it!

After climax, take the condom off and stroke his dick gently.

When at social gatherings, brush your nipples across his back each time you pass him.

Give long, lingering, and playful kisses.

Look directly into his eyes as you jack him off.

Prepare his favorite meal, and name a new dessert after his penis.

Excuse yourself from his presence, insert your forefinger into your vagina, return to him, and as you hug him give him a long sensuous kiss. Then slowly glide your scented finger seductively under his nose.

Buy sexy lingerie. Indulge in this sensuous pleasure and he will, too.

Wear lace bras regularly.

Give good phone sex. Say sweet nothings on the phone and don’t forget to coo and ahh a lot. Seduce your man by making a sensuous call to him for a date.

Look good when your baller gets home from work. He probably sees beautiful women daily, some probably flirt with him. Don’t give him a reason to have an affair.

See it in your heart to give him his fantasy.

Work to be the best sex partner he’s ever had.

While performing oral sex take a piece of ice into your mouth. As you begin to slowly lick him, rotate the ice cub all around his penis. Be sure to suck, lick, and massage him with your iced tongue until he begs you to stop. This technique is very beneficial to a limp penis or one that has gone to sleep before its time.

Flirt with him on a regular basis. Use your body while flirting. Send erotic, yet silent flirtatious message to your partner while in crowed room of people.

To be continued……

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