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Want To Keep Your Baller? – Sex Tips To Get Him Riled Up and Keep Him Going – Part 2

Read sexy books to liven up your sensuous thinking.

Be a good listener when he talks to you, look directly into his eyes and listen to what he has to say.

Think about sex with your lover on a regular basis. The more you think about it, the sexier you’ll become.

Schedule two fantasy dates per month. He’s responsible for one and you’re responsible for the other. Keep all plans secret as wild as you want. The trick is to make it a date to remember.

Flirt with him on a regular basis. Use your body with flirting. Send erotic, yet silent flirtatious messages to your partner while in a crowded room of people.

Greet him at the door wearing heels only.

Serve him dinner stark naked, with you as the dessert.

Play with his body parts as he drives you to work.

Be a sexual tease as he drives you to work.

Catch him in the shower and wash his body very slowly and sensuously.

Put his favorite sexy photograph of you into his wallet.

Make love in a tub full of water.

Invite a best girlfriend over and let her work as your server during a romantic dinner.

Buy a massager and massage him sensuously until he begs you to stop.

Create your own strip show for him. Buy a pole.

Tie him to the bedposts for fun and have your way with him.

Lie in the middle of your dining table and tell him that dinner is served.

As he watches you, slide a popsicle into your mouth and slowly lick it until it’s gone.

Lick his eyelids during lovemaking.

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