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Want To Keep Your Baller? – Sex Tips To Get Him Riled Up and Keep Him Going – Part 3

Love yourself more than you love him. This is very important. Believe it or not they will admire you for it.

Don’t forget the condoms. Sex safe is the best slogan!

Have a picnic with him in the middle of your bed.

Oil your breasts with your favorite oils and then let him titty fuck you and lick the tip of his dick while doing it.

Be sure to suck his earlobes in between kisses.

Suck his fingers for no reason at all. Suck them like you are sucking his dick and look him in his eyes while you do it.

Give a good night kisses to him-make sure they are passionate. Lick the roof of his mouth from time to time while kissing.

Be confident! If you dress in the sexiest lingerie, but are ashamed of showing your body and you are constantly worried about what he thinks, you will not enjoy it. Think positive about your body and the sex will be better.

Learn your body! Don’t expect your partner to know everything about it. Make love to yourself first. Explore everything. It is known that women who masturbate, have better chances to experience orgasm. Then make him orgasm.

Compliment him. Make your partner feel good as you do telling him how you like it there and how he hits it from the back. Do not hold in your emotions. Please share your excitement!

Use both hands. While sucking his dick rub his balls.

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