Want to Satisfy Your Baller Quick? Learn how to work your hands!

That time of the month? Pregnant? Don’t feel like having sex with your baller? Learn how to give the best hand job ever. Do it right and you can make him “finish” in two minutes.

A hand job is the manual stimulation of another person’s genitals with the intent of causing an orgasm. The term “hand job” is a synonym for mutual masturbation (which can occur between two people of the opposite sex or of the same sex), however, “hand job” is most commonly used in reference to manual stimulation being performed on a male. This article will focus exclusively on the “hand job” as providing manual stimulation to a male.

The glans or “head” of the penis, one of the most sensitive parts of the penis

Hand jobs are one of many ways that a penis can be pleasured and the reasons for choosing to provide pleasure via a hand job can vary. Some men consider hand jobs to be an extremely pleasurable experience that ads variety to their sex lives, while others feel that a hand job is a variation on masturbation and is therefore less satisfying.

Some men who enjoy hand jobs feel that it is an opportunity for the entire focus of pleasure to be on them. The goal of their partner is solely to provide pleasure and the only job the receiver has is to lay back and enjoy. Also, hand jobs can be performed in such a manner that introduces an extremely wide variety of sensations and spontaneous variations while working towards an orgasm. The partner performing the hand job can also derive pleasure from watching the receiver enjoy themselves and sometimes feel a sense of power by being able to bring about an orgasm.

While masturbating, the women can also apply the start-stop technique to keep the erection prolonged. This is recommened by many therapists. Yet, this start-stop is often very frustrating to a man. Better rely on more successful techniques to keep a hard-on as long as you wish.

Other men, however, can sometimes feel that a hand job is less pleasurable than vaginal sex or other forms of stimulation. In addition to the feeling of the stimulation itself being somewhat familiar — in that the method may be similar or identical to the male’s normal method of masturbation — there may also sometimes be a feeling of physical disconnect from their partner that can result from positioning or lack of stimulation to other parts of the body. Still others feel that anything short of vaginal sex does not count as sex.

As with any form of sexual expression, communication is key to understanding what your partner enjoys and doesn’t enjoy. Ultimately, if you’re in relationship with your partner, the best thing to do is spend some time exploring his body and watching him respond to the different ways you touch him. In some cases, especially if you are new to touching a penis, it can be a very good idea to ask him to show you how he stimulates himself. This is not to say that you want to replicate what he does exactly as he does it, after all you want it to feel different and better than masturbation, but you can get a feel for whether he likes gentle caressing touches, or more aggressive contact.

Here are some basic ideas to get started with. If you’re performing for the first time with a new partner, be sure to keep an eye on his face to see how he responds.

Here is an instructional video (NOT JOB SAFE)


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