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WHAT A SORE LOSER: Jilted boyfriend took revenge on ex-lover by posting naked pictures of her on Facebook

Sexually explicit photos of Sarah Evans were placed on Facebook…

A jilted boyfriend took revenge on his partner by setting up a Facebook page in her name and posting nude pictures of her on in it.
Martin Tickner, aged 25, had kept the photographs after their four year relationship broke up and used them to humiliate Sarah Evans online.
The young mother was tipped off about the bogus Facebook page by friends and had the pictures removed within 24 hours.
The 22-year-old also called in the police and tyre company manager Tickner was taken to court for harassment.

The couple have a three-year-old daughter and split up in July last year.
Police has already given Tickner a formal warning after he ignored Miss Evans’s pleas to stay away from her and had approached her as she was walking on Plymouth Hoe.
Tickner, of Plymouth, admitted harassment and was jailed for 16 weeks, suspended for 12 months.
Plymouth magistrates also imposed six months supervision and ordered him to pay £150 costs.
He was also made the subject of a two-year restraining order.

Mrs Jane Wills, prosecuting, said Tickner opened a Facebook account in the name of his ex-partner.
He posted 16 pictures of her, some nude and others which were ‘exceptionally sexually explicit’.
Mrs Wills said Tickner had already received a formal warning from the police when he approached her as she walked on Plymouth Hoe and she made it clear she didn’t want to speak to him.
Mrs Wills said: ‘The next day she checked her Facebook account and realised a second account had been set up in her name.
‘She discovered pictures of herself had been placed on this account unbeknown to her. Some were sexual and exceptionally explicit.’

Tickner initially denied setting up the bogus Facebook account .

Miss Alex Travers, defending, said Tickner was of previous good character and the offending photographs were removed within 24 hours.
She said Tickner had been on his way to see friends when he saw Miss Evans on The Hoe and tried to take the opportunity to speak to her.
She had told him to go away and he was so upset he set up the fake Facebook account and posted the pictures on it.
Miss Travers said: ‘The separation had been acrimonious, although it was not an excuse for what he did. It was done in the heat of the moment.
‘He now accepts responsibility for what he did. His behaviour was out of character.’

Today Tickner claimed the saucy snaps had been taken by Miss Evans on her mobile phone and that she had sent them to him.
He also claimed when their daughter was six-months-old, Miss Evans left him for a jeweler.
He said: ‘I was devastated when we went our separate ways. But she likes people with money.
‘Then I met someone else and I didn’t want to go back with Sarah.
‘But things between her and her new bloke broke up and she said she wanted me back and I was a mug.
‘Over nine or ten months she sent me 1,000 text messages saying she wanted us to be a family whether I liked it or not.
‘But she was telling the police that I was harassing her. It was Sarah who was causing me and my girlfriend trouble.
‘Sarah was contacting me at work and always ringing me. I wanted nothing to do with her.
‘But she played with my head and turned me over. I have never been in trouble before or been arrested.
‘I regret doing that with the pictures, but to be honest I regret meeting her in the first place.
‘We had known each other for four years but the last two-and-a-half years have been hellish.
‘She sent those pictures to me from her phone. They weren’t that explicit, some were naked and some were topless.
‘It wasn’t as though we had a steamy sex life. It was pretty boring really, I had to do just what I was told.
‘The photos were only on that Facebook site for 12 hours. She went mad and the next thing I know the police are banging on my door.
‘I didn’t lie about it, but I had just snapped. I had had enough of her. She makes out she is all innocent but she isn’t, she intimidates people.
‘There are two sides to every story and I wanted to say mine.
‘I thought only Sarah would see them, I didn’t realise other people would have access to them.
‘I am happy now because I don’t want anything to do with her again.’

Miss Evans has not been contactable” dailymail.co.uk


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