What to do when he calls—10 Things

Okay. This is where the hard part and MONEY comes in. Most of the tips are geared towards investment bankers, managing directors, hedge fund this or that. They have their own tastes. It takes time to look, feel, and smell good consistently. I would suggest doing all this ONLY if you are getting something for the time—like money or “help.” If you are getting nothing but beat in the mattress, just use 2-3 from below:

1. Get a Brazilian Wax—Do at least 2-3 days before he sees you; if call is unexpected, you may have some peach fuzz, he may like that—keep it. DO NOT get a Brazilian on same day or with little hair because it can tear your skin off, make you bleed, and leave your girl out for the count. We need her to work, not be recuperating! P.S. Make sure, you wax hair out your ass, too.

2. Keep Up with GYN exams—Must. Go to the Free Clinic and get the same day HIV test done (yes, you get results same day). I don’t care if you had sex with 1 man for the last two years, if you’re having sex you don’t know what HE is doing, even if he is married. Make sure you get your pap smears on the regular, and you have a clean bill of health. Our girl is a jewel, she must be always ready in tip-top shape—ALWAYS.

3. Keep Your Ass Smooth—It took me a while to find the perfect cream. I like Carol’s Daughter Almond Cookie.

4. Keep Tools for “Sex Prep” At Hand—At home, you should have a little secret place where you turn to, when he calls. It will contain: condoms, brown sugar body scrub to make your skin smooth and silky, a thick, creamy body lotion or oil (I just restocked on Tom Ford’s Black Orchid oil and perfume), sweet, smelling perfume (I prefer clean scents, but men like to eat, so make him salivate), hand lotion, k-y jelly, gum, and baby wipes. You should use at least 1 of these items everyday.

5. Nails—This is tough one. Always a rule to keep them short, trim, and clean. Some men, like clear polish, others like color. But never get them too long, especially if he wants you to stick your finger in his ass (no!) and you don’t want to scratch him up, that may piss him off. Keep nails short and natural. Toes: Get color, but soft colors. Never black on nails, unless he asks for it.

6. Body—Keep the weight down for these types. They like a sister with curves, who doesn’t! But, they also like you aerodynamic, slender, tall, with pretty skin. Most of the ones I met like more whiter-washed versions of sisters. Not too big on ass like Lola Luv type. They are more Sanaa Lathan than Mary J. Blige, more Beyonce than Trina, more Nia Long than Niecey. They like a more exotic look, but def a black woman.

7. Makeup—Clean, dewy skin, natural foundation, and great lips. Lips, lips, lips. Need I say more? No blue eye shadow.

8. Hair—Long, NATURAL, and fresh smelling. These men are not that into the needles, sewn in hair or wigs. Even if your hair is thin or short, work it!

9. Natural Scent—I know, ladies. Tough one. Because our scent changes at different times of the month. If you use a good maintenance routine and you are healthy, you should be good. However, smell good, at all times. Remember, you want him to be HUNGRY…and eat you up. Use oils, perfumes, lotions, and pheromone creams in private areas if you are not ovulating—we have a nice natural scent that men pick up on when we are ovulating.

10. Clothes—Dresses or skirts preferred. They like very feminine women, nothing crazy tight or cheap looking. You sort of represent them, even in the dark, so look good. Use credit card to get an outfit from Nordstrom or the like, check shopbop.com. Blow whatever you can. You don’t see him often. Make him remember. P.S. Lingerie—they are not really into that, most men aren’t. Most of the time my panties come off, it’s in the dark. BUT, you should invest in pretty panties (use cotton daily, save chiffon and all that for him because you’ll only have on for a few short hours, we know chiffon and those special materials don’t leave our girl too happy).

Get em, girl!

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