Or do they? Now, that last pick is Star Wars movie empire daddy George Lucas and his chocolate sister, a very successful CEO of her own company. She isn’t with him for just the money (it never hurts to get more money), but perhaps the affluence or influence, or maybe it’s just pure love. Think white boys don’t want black women? Think again. They say you have to have a certain look. You can’t look “too black”. Sorry, but it’s true. You also can’t look “too white”. They want a black woman who looks sorta, well, you know black, but has something “different” than other black women. You can pull all that off with a good weave and makeup. Period. So, don’t lose any sleep over that.

But the truth is, more black women are dating white men like they are new hot hand bags. White men are well known for being very generous. Your NBA baller gives you a few stacks this weekend. Your white baller will let you hold three times that much with access to his conceirge and household staff to run your errands, may even start a little fund for you to start your own business and you can be as nasty as you want to him. They like that rough shish. Then they’re dealing with the white guilt thing. If you tinker with that, be prepared for him to go off on your black ass. Your call. See Bill Maher. Here are some tips to snag a white “benefactor”:

–skip the afterwork party at the club, and head out for the afterwork “wine tasting” at the local museum, in NYC during the summer most of the big musems have afterwork Friday nights where all kinds of bankers and stuff go to

–white boys get the whole “weave thing”; have as much as it as you want, he won’t dare tell you anything about your hair AT ALL (remember Sanna Lathan in “something new”)

–wear minimal makeup and bright colors, they like a very clean, but stylish look, remember some white girls have their own “look” to attract black men (by the way, i have no problem with that we all gotta eat)

–don’t talk “white” to get him to feel comfortable with you, be yourself and be confident, but relaxed

–never approach a white man, they’ll get that deer in headlights look, black men may like it, but white men are still ultra traditional in some sense, especially the more conservative ones with loads of cash

–stay away from white ballers in rap and fashion who try to compete with who’s more black–you or him

Don’t walk away thinking you can’t bag a good white baller. It’s the lack of self confidence that causes many women to live pay check to pay check because they ain’t willing to play hard. It’s how you carry yourself. Don’t listen to civilians about white men don’t like this or that in a black woman. A woman is a woman. It just depends on how far you wanna go. If you wanna trick, then white boys are good, but to be the wife, is a whole other ball game. With all that said, instead of looking to date the players, date the coach.

Check out my blog, “Are White Boys The New Hot HandBags?” if you want to read more. Now, go out there and make your country proud 😉 But don’t make your black baller mad. Then again, that may be a good thing,


Updated they just announced their engagement

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