Woman 50 Cent Punched During Concert Is Threatening To Sue

Woman 50 Cent Punched During Concert Is Threatening To Sue

Just over a week ago, while performing with The Lox at Baltimore Soundstage, 50 Cent reached into the crowd. An excited female fan, identified as Donnetta Derr, reached for 50’s hand and appeared to pull him into the crowd. Video footage then shows the rapper trying to free himself from her grasp by punching her in the chest. She eventually let go, but soon after, realizing what he had done, 50 invited Donetta on stage to twerk it out. Apparently, he thought all was well. Unfortunately for him, it was not.


Donnetta Derr has reportedly retained an attorney and is looking to sue the rapper over the incident. Her lawyer, Warren Brown, says that his client went to the hospital the next day and hired him on Monday. Her lawsuit will be filed as early as next week.

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