Megalomania is an unrealistic belief in one’s superiority, grandiose abilities, and even omnipotence. It is characterized by a need for total power and control over others, and is marked by a lack of empathy for anything that is perceived as not feeding the self.

In other words people who suffer from this think they are just so grand that everyone is hating on them. Ever met someone that says “she be hating on me” and you think to yourself that they have nothing to hate on? The ones who say this are usually bum bitches/niggas. I blame it on the INTERNET. The INTERNET has given these bums an outlet to become faux famous. They get thousands of followers on twitter/myspace/facebook and now they are a start and develop this disease (delusions of grandeur).

Yes this is a disease. Researching this I found that Megalomania is associated with bipolar disorder; a depressive illness that is characterized by mood swings from extreme lows to extreme highs.

This is becoming an epidemic…what is the cure for this? Name some people that suffer from this awful disease.


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