Neyo has officially fucked the game up. Just because you have your own…why wouldn’t you want his? When I was coming up my mom worked but my dad was the provider for the family. He even worked two jobs at times to make sure we had the extras. My mom used her money to pay for her personal credit card bills but that was it.

My friend once got cursed out by her mother for living with a guy and splitting the mortgage, utilities, and other bills. She called that behavior roommate behavior.

Some things change and some things remain the same. Women are doing it for themselves now. I have two friends that make more than their spouses and it’s always problems. Men were breed to be the providers. When women throw in their face that they don’t need a man it makes a man feel less of them self. Only a few trifling men will let you provide for them..but it is not suppose to be that way.

Ladies..let men spoil you and be a man’s man. We have fought for equal rights and as a whole are doing the damn thing..but dumb it down a little and make them feel like a man.

I have seen a shift in men’s behavior from the late 80’s to now..I blame it on the trifling women who don’t expect anything from a man. They allow men to treat them like scum..but that is another blog. We will get back to that..


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