Your Girl Friends Are the Enemy!

Bonjour, Im blogging from Paris on a little “business”. So please forgive the typos because their keyboards here are crazy!

So, before I get into it this may offend several females; others will know what i mean: Im gonna start with the basics: THE ALPHA FEMALE.

Like the male, the alpha female must be a leader at all times, not much so with her man but with other females and at work: this type of female is elusive; runs alone frequently; is charming; disarming; and has little or no female friends: she has folks she can connect with but this bitch is definitely for self; she is about making it by any means necessqry and still get folks to like her; most women want to be alpha females or at least be close to them; notable alpha females are anna wintour; martha stewart; oprah winfrey; tyra banks, and a few others: there are very few TRUE alpha females abound; beyonce is NOT an alpha female, but debatable–moving on.

This female is successful; she gets what she wants; has had or has men at her whim: One thing she knows is that other females will hold her back: not trusting or befriending other women is common: If you want to succeed in the race to get a baller you need to leave your female friends behind and be willing to crush them if neccessary: Here are some tips:

1. If you find your man and best friend in bed together beat BOTH of their asses; but beat hers twice as long: Never listen to the adage that the sisterhood is more important because thats bullshit at the end of the day: Her ass was supposed to be a friend and considering how emotion driven most women are they are capable of anything ANYTHING; even your mama and your sister; too:::LOL: So be smart: Never get too close to women when you have a baller, they will fuck him…I dont care how many highschool photos and times you shared together–destroy the bitch!

2. Girl, dont act desperate! A while ago I was at an event and I was flirting with a well known baller who was enjoying it so was I; my “friend” was quick to mention the tired ass DESPERATE word: This word was created by other women to hold other women back, they share this among themselves to fuck with each others self esteem so that when u are home wondering if calling him is acting desperate they are scheming to get theirs; most likely YOURS.

3. Keep Your Enemies Far and Your Girl Friends Farther. Ladies, and the “sister girl” brigade may disagree, but in the land of milk and honey (ballers!) it is every woman for herself; that means that if a baller was dating your friend; and now he wants to get SERIOUS with you; go for it! The traditional rules do not apply here at all: She would do it! If it’s between working at the local gas station and bagging your girl friend’s rich man who she is totally fucking up; then do it: Dont worry about what he is thinking; he aint got to know: As far as that you can tell him “We was never that close anyway”: Believe that!

Being this type of woman is a rarity; few can pull it off, and being a true alpha female does not mean you dont have friends; it only means you are your best friend! You may hang with chicks; but u aint one: you are a mysterious; elusive creature known for bringing men and their empires down when ready; One thing I learned is that American women are the only chicks still on this sisterhood or “my girl would never” train…women from other countries and islands know the deal and they get and keep their man::::Carib women will kill a bitch; they dont play and neither should we!

If this all comes as a bitter pill to swallow then you may want to think your commitment to this life; it aint for everyone…..but the ones that are committed have a seat at the table called “the good life”.

with that said; get ’em girl!

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