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U.S. Unemployment Claims Reach A Record 6.6 Million

Unemployment Rates

Millions of Americans filed for unemployment benefits last week, as businesses continue to lay off and furlough workers in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak. According to CNN, a record high of 6.6 million Americans have filed for unemployment benefits for the week of March 28th. This number is nearly …

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Trump Officials Now Say Children Of Overseas Service Members Will Not Get Automatic Citizenship

Military Children

The Trump administration ignites another upset after announcing the children of some overseas U.S. military members, and government employees will no longer be automatically considered citizens of the United States. CNN reported under the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), U.S. service members and other government employees abroad are considered “residing …

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Omarosa Says Trump Repeatedly Used The “N-Word”: “It Had Finally Sunk In That The Person I’d Thought I’d Known Was Actually a Racist”

Just days ahead of the release of Omarosa Manigault-Newman’s highly-anticipated tell-all book about her longstanding relationship with Trump, as well as her tenure in his White House, new explosive, yet, unsurprising, details have surfaced about the Celebrity-In-Chief.  According to The Guardian, which obtained an advanced copy of Omarosa’s book, “Unhinged: …

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Donald Trump Told Kim Kardashian That She And Her Husband Kanye West Are Helping Him Boost His Approval Among Black Voters

Between last week’s discussion with #KimKardashian and #KanyeWest’s recent public display of love and support for #Trump, the Donald thinks his newfound friendships have boosted his popularity among African Americans.  Sometime during Trump’s conversation with Kim about prison reform, the Celebrity-in-Chief credited the reality star and her husband for his …

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