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Could Jay Z & Beyonce’s On the Run Tour Sales Be Tanking?

While it seems there has been mass anticipation surrounding Jay Z & Beyoncé’s upcoming “On The Run Tour”, it appears that the sales numbers aren’t translating that.   According to Ticketmaster, ticket sales for the shows summer tour have been average, and are not moving as expected, and it happens to be at the …

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Solange Caught On Tape Attacking Jay Z (Watch Video)

Solange, Beyonce & Jay Z were all guests at this year’s MET Ball but at some point things got extremely ugly between Solange and her brother in law. In elevator surveillance footage Beyonce is seen occupying the elevator before the door opens and Solange and Jay Z enter. Solange appears …

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Kanye & Guest Cover April Issue Of Vogue Magazine

Before you get your panties in a bunch, the title of the blog is just poking fun at the MET Gala incident where Kim K was listed as Kanye’s “guest” in photos….when she wasn’t being cropped out all together. Lighten up! Anyway, with a little compromise Kanye West has convinced …

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Beyonce Pregnant With Second Child

Beyonce hinted a few weeks ago that she was about to make Blue Ivy a big sister soon and it looks like she was not playing around. It has been confirmed that King Bey & Hov are expecting their second child.  There has been huge speculation that Beyonce was pregnant, …

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Finding A Sugar Daddy…..Become A Goal Digger

If you want lessons in how to be a successful goal digger, turn to this list of 20+ tips, all designed to get you rich quick! Find yourself a sugar daddy by following this advice. The Hunt 1. Get your priorities straight: Before unleashing your seduction prowess, make sure you …

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