LAPD Officer Sued For Allegedly Fondling Deceased Woman’s Breasts


According to the NY Daily News, a Los Angeles police officer is being sued by the family of a deceased woman for allegedly fondling her breasts. The despicable incident was reportedly caught on the officer’s body cam. Officer David Rojas, 27, is reportedly accused of invasion of privacy, intentional infliction …

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U.S. Judge Rules Cities Cannot Fine People For Living Outside: “Let Us Not Forget That Homeless Individuals Are Citizens Just As Much As Those Fortunate Enough To Have Secure Living Space”


People who live outside can’t be fined says a U.S. judge. Grants Pass, Oregon is joining  Boise, Idaho, in its new legal decision to no longer cite or fine people who live outside. Last month, U.S. Magistrate Judge Mark D. Clarke decided that the city of Grants Pass violated its …

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Ruff Ryders Founders Unravel Layers Of DMX & Jay Z Beef

DMX vs Jay Z

The Ruff Ryders will forever go down in history as one of the most iconic collectives and labels in hip-hop. Managing the likes to DMX and The Lox, the name itself yields a certain lifestyle, while preserving that gritty, hardcore rap we all know and love. Most recently, the founders …

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Late Actor John Wayne Said He Believes In White Supremacy, Implied That Black People Are “Irresponsible,” And Said He Doesn’t Feel Bad About What Happened To Native Americans; His Daughters Come To His Defense

John Wayne Gets Defended

The daughters of iconic actor John Wayne are coming to their father’s defense after a Playboy interview resurfaced, featuring the actor’s racist comments about Black people. Back in 1971, the late actor who was famous for his old-time western hits like “Stagecoach” and “True Grit,” sat down for an interview …

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Trump Says Low Income Housing Will “Destroy Suburbia” + Promises to Protect “Suburban Housewives” From Poor People

Trump Talks Coronavirus

Hide yo kids, hide yo, wife! Trump cautioned suburban housewives that their neighborhoods could soon be invaded unless of course, they vote for him this November. The President tweeted Wednesday that he will be the candidate to protect “suburban housewives” from low-income housing that could “invade” their neighborhoods. “The ‘suburban …

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