⁣Steph Curry Wears Customized Golf Shoes Honoring Breonna Taylor

⁣Steph Curry Wears Customized Golf Shoes Honoring Breonna Taylor At Annual Golf Tournament

Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry memorializes Breonna Taylor with ‘Black Lives Matter’ golf shoes while playing at American Century Golf Championship over the weekend.⁣

Curry’s custom black and gray shoes, donned the image of Breonna Taylor with the words “say her name,” and a printed pattern of her name, along with #blacklivesmatter. ⁣

Curry said he wanted to “shine a light on Breonna Taylor, demanding and praying and wishing for justice for her and her family.” ⁣

The annual American Century Golf Championship is a televised event that raises money for various charities. ⁣

Curry has shown continuous support for the Black Lives Matter movement, and the shoes will be used to support the organization. ⁣

“Anytime you have an opportunity to be on a stage or a platform to raise awareness and continue the conversation that’s going on in our country, I’m all for that. We’ll send these to the Black Lives Matter organization,” Curry said.” Hopefully, they’ll raise a lot of money for the amazing work that they’re doing.”⁣

“We all have roles to play in terms of changing the racial climate in our country,” Curry continued. “And this is definitely more than just a moment that we’re feeling. And hopefully, this is a very small gesture, but hopefully, the money goes a long way. And hopefully, they continue the conversation of what needs to change all the way around.”⁣

26-year-old Breonna Taylor was shot eight times by Louisville police officers executing a search warrant on March 13. Despite the country’s outcry for justice for Breonna, Lousiville District Attorney Daniel Cameron has yet to file any criminal charges against the officers involved.

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