10 Things That Make Black Culture Unique


If you don’t know, let me be the first to tell you. Being black is one of the dopest things that could have happened to me. It’s straight awesomeness. Our culture is woven with a rich legacy and history. We are resilient AF and not to mention, we can turn any and everything into a gut -busting joke. Our culture is often intimated, but listen clearly when I say we can not be duplicated. BA thought it would be dope if we composed a list about things that make Black Culture unique. They are in no particular order.

1. We season everything. If it is edible, we will find a way to up the flavor. There is no such thing as bland over here.


2. Willy -Foo-Foo and his cousin, Boo-Boo-The-Fool, are actual entities we as black people will not look like.


3. We have that Benjamin Button disorder. As we get older, we age backwards. Have you ever heard “black don’t crack” … it’s true.

4. We have our own platform on other social media platforms. Search #BlackTwitter.

5. Mentioning Black Twitter. We make a joke out of everything. Remember Yahoo!’s plunder on “N*gger Navy”. It was suppose to be “Bigger Navy”. When black twitter got ahold of it, we had jokes for days.

6. Before we indulge at the family barbecue, we must know who made the potato salad.

7. “Do you pay any bills here?” is the marker that reminds black kids that you are still a child despite governmental officials telling you otherwise.

8. We are resilient . Have you ever just thought about how disenfranchised blacks are, but we still will find a way to overcome any and everything.

9. Family functions are always talent shows for the youngsters.


10. The infamous  “I brought in this world, I will take you out” is not a threat made by black mothers, but moreso a promise.

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