10 Days Before Christmas My Baby Took Me To Tahiti

Jack Frost is nipping at your nose, but not for long. Bae said you were good this year. You’re getting that trip to warm weather. It’s just up to you where you want to go. You could sail the Pacific Ocean, tour the Mediterranean Sea or explore the Atlantic. One thing is for sure wherever you go, it must be warm.


Tahiti is a hotspot. The crystal blue waters, private villas, and baller accommodations make this a perfect spot during the nippy weather.


You can not go wrong with Hawaii. Any spot on the island is perfect and definitely better than freezing.


When in doubt, go south. Cabo or Cozumel, Mexico is not only affordable but beautiful and it’s definitely not a snowflake in sight.


Jamaica is just a hop, skip, and jump away from the states. With great food and dance halls, it’s an easy win.


Another great warm escape is St. Lucia. Enjoy the beautiful people and the culture.

It’s a gift, so enjoy. There are a ton more warm getaways you can visit during the holidays. These are just super duper affordable and gorgeous.



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