2015 Super Bowl Media Day Shenanigans (VIDEO)

Super Bowl media day is known for its memorable quotes, outlandish antics and all around circus. This year’s media day was no different here are some of the best moments of the super bowl media day.

Of course Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski and Seahawks Defensive End Michael Bennett stole the show. From both you get entertainment, hilarious quotes and infectious personality and at media day was no different. Rob Gronkowski was asked to read a quote from an erotic novel about him, dance, sung Katy Perry, and revealed his childhood crush was Pamela Anderson. Seahawks defensive End Michael Bennett great quotes included him being the second most handsome man in the world behind Denzel Washington, he’s thankful not to be a Tampa Bay Buccaneer, and was quoted saying “I just love my beard. Moses had one; Genghis Khan had one. Just good guys man. Jesus had one too.” No surprise they were favorites from Media Day.

Everyone was waiting for the man of the hour, Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch. Everyone knows Marshawn is not too fond of the media but some felt maybe he’ll have a change of heart at Super Bowl media day. Well that didn’t happen, the sequence went exactly as we expected. Marshawn appeared for the mandatory four and a half minutes and answered each question with, “I’m here so I won’t get fined.” I say Marshawn did a great job dodging the $500k fine by just showing up.

On the New England Patriots side of things, the usually grumpy head coach Bill Belichick actually was in a good mood and even cracked a smile at media day while answering a question from a young reporter. The young reporter asked Belichick what’s his favorite stuffed animal and he replied saying his favorite stuff animal is a puppet, the kind you put your fingers in, so he can talk back. Probably the nicest you will ever here Bill Belichick be towards the media.

 Other side-notes:

– Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson takes selfie with the media with his selfie stick.

– A media member wears just a barrel to ask questions.

– Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman does a little salsa dance.

-New England Patriots quarterback likes to listen Jay-Z as his pregame playlist.  “Something to get me hyped up so it’s usually Jay-Z. So he’s been a big fan of mine for a long time.”



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