50 Cent Explains Why He Wouldn’t Work With 6ix9ine

In a recent interview with Big Boy, 50 Cent spoke on 6ix9ine, revealing that while he understands what the “FeFe” rapper did, he could never work with him.

“I wouldn’t work with him. What it is, is it’s just against the way I grew up,” Cent said. “Remember, I told you I understood why he did what he did?”

“When you say he’s not a gang member, or he’s not this kinda guy, but you slept with his baby’s mother and you gonna do something to his mother— tell any traditional kid, tell actual consumers of music in middle America that’s gonna buy the actual CD, that hits the button— tell them that somebody slept with my girlfriend and had intentions of hurting my mom. And you want me to do 40 years for them?” 50 continued.

But, according to the ‘Candy Shop’ rapper, his opinion doesn’t matter because he’s sure many new artists will still want to work with him.

”Without speaking in a negative way about [6ix9ine]—I think the new artists are gonna adjust to him,” the media mogul added.  “They gonna work with him. Watch, because he’ll have some success, and then you’ll start to see people not care so much, and it’ll be more important to them to have a hit than to stand with that.”

While he may not have a friendship with 6ix9ine, when he was released from prison earlier this month, Cent said on Instagram Live he’d choose the colorful-haired rapper over his own biological son.

“Nah, I ain’t heard from 6ix9ine. He’s his mother’s child now. He told on everybody,” he said. “He better than Marquise, though. I’ll take him before I take my actual biological son. Fu*k that ni**a.”

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