A Father is a Child’s First Hero (by @NovaGiovanni)

This is an awesome blog written by my friend Nova Giovanni and Stretch D. Nova is a Daddy so I hope he enjoys his day. Happy Father’s Day!!

Hello, loyal reader. I’m here with more Ramen Noodle Soup for the Soul. In lieu of Father’s Day, I’d like to address the beautiful subject of fatherhood. Becoming a father is without a doubt a great achievement. I call it an achievement becoming a father means actually being involved in the growth and well-being of the child. Too many times, the negative is pushed to the forefront in regards to dads. Yes, there are deadbeat dads. However, there are also deadbeat mothers. Well, this isn’t about that. This is about the positive.

I have an eight year old daughter and she is like a miniature me. She has my eyebrows, mannerisms, and my grandmother says she does a lot of the same things I did when I was a child. I feel an overwhelming amazement when I look at her and think to myself “someone this wonderful came from my saggy balls.” Let’s face it, a father is a child’s first hero and their most influential teacher. A father influences how a daughter dates and how a son treats women. I’m not going to say becoming a father made me a better person, but it brings out the best in me. Being a parent isn’t a chance at redemption or living vicariously through your child, it is a responsibility. Kids are not band-aids to prop up and mask your past hurts. A child is a fresh life and should be treated as such. Trust me, it is more enjoyable that way. With new times come new challenges.

As a parent in 2012, my goals are to keep my daughter from participating in #TittyTuesday on Twitter, taking “like this pic if you think I’m cute” photos on Facebook, and putting #NoFilter tags on her Instagram pics of her asleep (I never understood how you people took pictures of yourselves sleeping anyway).

This weekend, I challenge all fathers to do something new and fun with their child. Go to public places, point at random people, name them to yourselves, and laugh. Children like stuff like that. I know because I’m childish myself. Take your child out nigga-knocking (where you knock on people’s’ doors at night and run away before they can answer it), lets put the HOOD back in FatherHOOD. To me, that is what fatherhood is; balancing responsibility, fun, and learning for both man and child. ENJOY!!!

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