A Gift and a Curse: She’s Pregnant by a Baller and She….

Hey yall,

A couple of years ago I was super tight with this chick (we’ll call her Kim). We kicked it damn near everyday and would go to all the hottest parties. However, after I found out she said some things behind my back that wasn’t true, I had to cut her off. So anyways, this weekend was my friend’s party. It was a huge celebration. Even folks from outta town were invited. Kim was also at the party. I hadn’t seen her since ’07. And I wasn’t too excited to see her. Although, I did play nice and was cordial cause it was my friend’s celebration and I didn’t wanna cause no drama. At the party, she tells my friend that she’s 4 months pregnant!!! I’m thinking to myself…what!?!?! My friend asks who the baby daddy is and she mentions this well known NBA player. I can’t say who he is but I’ll drop some hints. 1) He played in the finals this year. 2) He’s a young player. And 3) He’s low-key. Now, I know I didn’t give away much but you blues clues bitches aint getting it outta me!!! She says how excited she is to have a baby. And that it was actually his idea. He mentioned that he wanted to have a baby. So she figured it was a perfect opportunity to have a child.

Before I continue with the story, let me give yall some insight about her and her relationship with her baller. She is a groupie. I would consider her a “roster” groupie. She’s had her fair share of ballers…mainly athletes. She’s in her late 20s with no kids, attractive with lots of personality, and very, very, very charismatic. She loves the baller lifestyle and really wanna be a baller’s wife. This guy she’s pregnant by is not her man. They’ve been messing around for a few years. She knows he messes with other women. She’s even caught him on other dates a couple of times. However, she continued to stay hoping one day she would get the ring. Marrying a baller and having his child was her main and only goal.

Now, I’ll continue with the story…

She proceeds to tell my friend that she’s been having difficult times lately cause he’s not there to support her at times. Currently, they are “off” in their “on again/off again” relationship. And that she hadn’t spoken to him in a week. She states that when she first got pregnant, he was cool. But now he’s tripping. My friend tries to encourage her by saying that she’s blessed to be with child and that the baby is a gift. Kim then breaks down in tears and says I know the baby is a blessing but its been a curse as well. My friend asks her to elaborate and Kim goes on to say that not only did he get her pregnant but he also gave her Herpes. My mouth dropped!!!!!!! I truly didn’t know what to think. A million things ran through my mind. I knew how hard she wanted to be in a relationship with a baller and have his baby. So she got what she wanted, right? But on the flipside she also got Herpes. But what’s even crazier, she hasn’t told him that he gave her Herpes and she still wants to be with him.

So folks, did she deserve what she got cause her intentions were all wrong? Or is she stupid for having unprotected sex? What are your thoughts about the parties involved? Is he at fault in any of this? Is this kind of stuff expected when being involved with a baller?


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