A$ap Ferg Says Rap Beefs “Aren’t Real”: “If You Think It’s Real You Have Too Much Time On Your Hands”

New York rapper #AsapFerg sat down with MSNBC anchor #AriMelber and talked about music, hustling, the criminal justice system and why rap beefs today “aren’t real.”

In an interview that was published on Dec. 26, A$ap Ferg discussed various topics with MSNBC anchor Ari Melber, during his news show “The Beat.” The first conversation revolved around his support for, and the release of fellow East Coast rapper #MeekMill. “I grew up watching Meek, and Harlem and Philly – we’re really close as far as music. It’s sort of like a sport for us cause we were battle rappin,’ so to see a pair make it out of the trap, you know the inner trappings of the neighborhood and become big. To get locked up and for the reasons he was getting locked for, and us just shooting a video a day before he got locked up was like… it home for me. I was really like mind blown by it. I just felt like ya know I have a voice and I definitely had to say something about that.”

Ferg also discussed the meaning behind trap, where trap music came from and how he was given the name “Trap Lord.” “The trap: Which is known as anything that you’re hustling. So like the trap could be like the drug trade, or the guy selling bootleg watches, or it can be like your job – right here on television. National television,” Ferg explains as he references Melber’s job as an anchor. “W,herever can make you money,” said Ferg.

On the topic of rap beefs, Ferg explained that rap beefs are a battle of words. He described how, in the moment, you are attacking one another, but afterwards you should be able to be friends with the person you were battling against.

“This is just a portal for [rappers] to make money. This is not a real thing. Ya know beef and where I’m from is like a real thing – people get hurt from it. But with music, you have to be swift with how you use your words. Cause you’re trying to hurt your opponent…That is what is supposed to happen. It’s like who is the best with words…It’s just words at the end of the day. Like I’m not going to hate you if I see you on the street because you said some bad words.” As far as people believing that rap beefs are real, Ferg says “people need to focus on themselves.” “Cause I feel like if you think it’s real you have too much time on your hands…You’re trying to read in between the lines and you need to focus more on what’s going to make you a better person.”


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