Adidas Originals Announces Partnership With Donald Glover In Animated Video Clip

Media Maven Donald Glover is joining the Adidas family.

“Feels Like Summer” is Glover’s latest piece of musical art he’s dropped, which features an animated version of Glover and other well-known celebs. His unique cartoon idea extended to his newest business deal with Adidas Originals, as he is now one of the company’s partners.

The news was announced in a video clip that shows cartoon Glover coming home and taking his clothes off after a long day. His character then sits on his bed removes the pair of shoes he was wearing and then puts on Adidas Originals he had under his bed. #Adidas posted the clip on Instagram with a caption welcoming Glover. “A collaboration without boundaries, welcome to the family Donald Glover.”

“Feels Like Summer” is one of the two songs that are on Glover’s “Summer Pack” EP. Following its release, the artists launched pop-up events titled “Summertime Starts Here” which were located in Los Angeles, New York, and London, according to

There’s no word on what exactly Glover will be doing with the clothing and shoe brand.

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