Afroman Tumbles Off Stage During 'Because I Got High' Performance In NH [Video]

Afroman Tumbles Off Stage During ‘Because I Got High’ Performance In NH [Video]

Afroman tumbled off a stage while performing his hit “Because I Got High” in New Hampshire on Friday night. 

TMZ reports that the rapper was performing the song toward the end of his one-hour set at Wally’s when he took a misstep. In the video obtained by the outlet, Afroman is walking along the edge of the stage when suddenly, he disappears. All you can see is his drink flying everywhere. 

Afroman is swarmed by security and members of his team, but he shakes it off. Thankfully, the rapper wasn’t hurt during the fall. 

He laughed it off and went right back to singing the song while the crowd cheered him on. 

The outlet reports that it wasn’t the only hiccup the rapper had during the show. Earlier in his set, the DJ had some technical issues with his laptop, which Afroman played through.

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